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Sep 19, 2018
So I am on my way home with our new to us travel trailer.  A 2018 Jayco Jay Flight SLX7 174BH. While on our way back in the ferry I was able to see the roof of the camper.  I didn?t have a way to check it out before purchasing, and didn?t even think to (rookie mistake I?m sure). So now that I can see it, it looks like there are cut lines on the roof. I linked pics below. I see the glue around all of the objects on the roof and suspect that?s normal, but there are lines (like between the digital tv antenna and the regular antenna) that I?m not sure are ok to be there.  Should I caulk them or something? Appreciate any advice.  Thanks!!
You're going to have to get up there and see if the joints are indeed sealed and well cemented. Is this a brand new RV or is it used? I know you said new to you.
Dieseldogpi said:
It?s used.  The guy I got it from bought it in July.  How can I check the joints?

You'll need to get up there and using your fingers, see if the joints are indeed sealed. They should be lap joints.
I just looked at the pictures again. You have one line that is straight and runs from one side to the other. That would be a roof lap joint. I believe the other lines are not cuts. It looks like when they were sealing the different components like roof vents, skylights and antennas, when they were finished with one component and they moved the gun to do another component, some of the sealant leaked out of the gun and onto the roof making it look like a cut. Get up there and verify that.
It's appears the roof membrane was laid in sections. That's not common from the factory, but not an issue as long as it is done right. The seams should be firmly  glued down and sealed with lap sealant or rubber roof tape (Eternabond or similar). If in any doubt, lay your own bead of lap sealant or tape, but I don't see anything suspicious in your photos.
There are numerous seams in any RV roof, along the edges and around every thing that protrudes up through the roof. Inspection and occasional touch-up is a fact of RV life.
Ok great.  I?ll get up there and check, but nice to know it doesn?t look out of the ordinary. Thank you to you both!

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