RV cover, or not ?

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Sep 15, 2005
Southern CA
Thinking I was going to be ahead of the game, we ordered a RV cover from Camping World for our new Minnie we take delivery of on Friday. It came with warnings about padding all four corners plus the rear ladder. Then I read postings about NOT using a cover at all !
Here in southern CA it's mostly for sun protection as we get little rain. After reading some posts, I'm wondering if I should try and return it before it's out of the box !
In another post I read that person had used three covers and continued to use one.
Any of you experienced folks out there, please offer your opinions !

Thanks !
>>Any of you experienced folks out there, please offer your opinions <<

We lived in Garden Grove with a MH for 6 years and only kept it waxed.  Looked like new accordig to the dealer we traded it to when we to.  Didn't get any more money for the trade though!  :-(

Keeping it or not might depend from what you need to protect your coach.  If you are concerned about most natural elements like rain or sun, then I might not keep the cover.  However if you want to protect the coach from dripping tree sap or perhaps local pollution like ash or chemical fall out then it may be worth using.

I used a cover for a couple of years to protect the coach from ice accumulation during winter, but even gave up on that idea because of the complications presented by the cover.

Aside from the difficulty to install the cover, requiring handling the cover from the roof, the biggest negative comes from scuffing of the exterior finish from abrasion as the cover flaps in the wind.  Lots of tape and bungee cords can overcome a large part of that problem, however.

The decision should be based on a benefits vs inconveniences assessment. 

What is the main reason you had had in mind when you bought it?  Lets discuss it from your point of view....there may be good reasons for a cover in your particular situation.
I guess the main reason was protection from the sun  and possibly prying eyes as it will not be in a fenced in area. Figured this much of a $$ investment, needs some protection.....
The main concern from the sun is UV which degrades tires and plastic.  Tire covers would likely be included in your travel accessories as you would want to cover your tires whenever you park anywhere.  Other plastic parts that tend to discolor are the refrigerator cover, and refrigerator vent on the roof unless they are fully painted.

Some sealants might dry out in the sun, though sealants should be checked annually anyway.

I am not convinced a cover will make your rig less attractive to prying eyes than if you lower all your shades and get some covers for your windshield.  I wonder if a covered motorhome might increase the curiosity factor??

If you are concerned about break ins, then your best defense would be to install a automotive theft alarm connected to your entry door and ignition.  A common mode of entry for thieves is through the shower skylight, which is easier than breaking through the door.  A motion detector would protect against that type of intrusion along with a loud  concealed siren.

Do these observations help in providing you some insight into making your decision?
Had not thought of the skylight as an entry point ! I guess the bad guys will try anything. My neighborhood is pretty secure,  but out on the road you never know.  The motion dector seems like a good idea,
If you choose to install an automotive type motion detector (often used in convertibles) test it in the rain and with a watering hose.  Sometimes rain motion on the exterior will trigger false alarms...very bad when parked in a campground and when you're away from the coach...I know,,,from personal experience :(
Decided to return the cover to Camping World [which they took, no problem] for a refund. Of course while in the store spent $$ on doo-dahs for the new rig .
I will be using a windshield cover along with "wax on, wax off"  procedure !
Thanks for all the input.....

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