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Dec 2, 2006
Rancho Cucamonga, ca
Hello rvers,
Ihave a question reguarding rv maitanance and parts. I'm very new to the RVing world So I'm somewat confused about getting parts for my rig. I know I can get parts for the living quarters and the outside of the rv from internet site or stors such as camping world. But where do I go for engine related parts? I'm machanicly inclined so I like saving a buck and doing somethings my self. When I first got my rig Ii gave it a tune-up, but when I went to Auto Zone for the parts that I needed, since I have a Chevy 454 there must have ben 3-4 different parts available, I did not know what to get so I did the only thing A college educated person could do! I guessed! I got some thing correct but I went back to exchange others, Whiuch I eventually got correct. Okay so here is my question. I found A leak in my radiator, so I want to replace it, Should I go back to the Auto parts place and take a chance? Second question, Is there an internet site that might be cheaper? And finally I know I have a 1995 South wind Storm by Fleetwood with a Chevy 454, but is there an engine type or anything special aboput it that would help me when I go and buy parts? if so Where can I find that information? I did not get an owners manual When I bought it used.

Well thanks for the help,
Sorry for so many questions at once!

Most RV engines are also used elsewhere.  For example Chevy uses the 8.1 L Vortec in the Silverado, among other things.

The radiator, however, may be specific to the RV.  I'd visit a good radiator shop,  If they do not have one in stock, odds are they can re-build the one you have (Remove the leaking core and solder in a new one with high-temp solder)

I got to get my rig to an authorized Workhorse center for a recall, but the job is one of those where the paperwork will take longer than the fix
We (friends and I) have for years reworked many old autos, and RV's many needed radiator work or replacement.  During our shopping sprees we found (IN the Midwest) Truck Centers Corp to be a great shop for reworking them as well as purchasing new or rebuilt radiator.  I'm sure if you shopped them you'll find a large truck repair company in yor area that will do the same.  I'm talking about Freightliners, Cats, and other large companies.  JMHO for things available in our area.(St Louis)

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