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Apr 25, 2005
I was looking thru our photos and just found these photos of a burnt out RV.

The pics were taken, during our stay in early July, at the Trailer Court CG in Banff.

The park staff believed the cause of the fire was a BBQ grill which had been put into a storage bay, before being allowed to cool down - although we did see the grill to the side of the RV and it looked to be in a fair condition (I guess they're made not to burn).

The 2 occupants and pet dog all escaped safely.



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I know that all of us have had problems with our RV's this year and in the past but those pictures kind of put all of that into prospective.  Of all the problems that is probably the hardest to deal with.  I say this with having friends who have had to deal with total loss of their coach and toad several years ago.  Saying this I hope that no one has to go through that in the future.
Lorna -

I've always said I'm much more concerned about preventing fires than theft. Fire leaves nothing behind. Sad photos ...
They sure burn fast and complete :( I always worry about someone parking close to me and then having a fire fueled by propane. I can't remember how many times I had to move away from a rig parked too close.....Wonder about some people ::)
How close do you think is "too close"?

We're considering buying a Class A diesel. Does everybody's RV really have problems every year? Gasp.
Well, hard to define "close." I know there was a fire in an RV park near Camp Verde a few years ago and several rigs caught fire. So they became very sensitive on how folks parked. Their main problem was that the fire trucks couldn't get through to fight the fire(s). When we park in a casino lot I think the rigs should keep a space away...although they don't.  Worst I've seen is in the Laughlin, Nevada casinos lots where some RV's park close enough that I worry about their hot water heater and heater flames burning the RV. With that said, I just keep an eye open and move if I have to. Like all walks of life you find some real idiots out there. For some reason the motorhomes seem to have less concern and park very close. If one burns, I suspect a few more will go?

I wouldn't make it a limiting factor in having an RV...just be aware. ;) There was a motorhome that burned last year and the fire fighters wouldn't go near it because of exploding ammo ::)
Pierat said:
How close do you think is "too close"?

We're considering buying a Class A diesel. Does everybody's RV really have problems every year? Gasp.

Yes and no, depends on what you call a problem and how well you do your maintance and how much you use it.

Some folks, park it long about now and don't look at it again till Mother's day.  Amd they have all sorts of problems, Oil seals on the generator and motor have dried out and leak, The cylinder walls have rusted,  The brake master cylinder rusts (As do the slaves and the drumbs or rotors), the hot water heater and refrigerator and furnance do not work properly and more.  All of this due to sitting six months without proper maintance.

Others, when they park it they fog the cylinders, they use wasp screens, and such and when removing from stroage they start by doning "Spring cleaning" on the burners and flues for the fridge, furnance and HWH.  For some reason they don't have nearly as many problems.  Still others take it for the occasional "Spin around the block" at least once a month, they have still fewer problems.

Now, my expierence is now just over a year, I have had problems, these can be divided into three groups.

1: Stupid owner errors.  I'll admit it, i'm new at RVing

2: Warranty issues,  most, if not all, of these will NEVER again bother me unless I buy a new rig, and in a couple of cases even if I buy a new rig cause some of them a properly educated owner would have seen at delivery  (See item 1)

3: Routine problmes... IE: I had a light quit working... Put a new bulb in today.  Works fine now

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