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May 8, 2005
a friend of mine is looking to rent an RV for 2 weeks this summer, and he has called around to different dealers and they want an arm and a leg for it.

so what im wondering is if there is anyone is the area of Hamilton, Ontario (toronto area even) that would be willing to give up thier RV for two weeks in the summer (for a good price), he was saying that when his dad had an rv when he was smaller his dad would rent it out to people and it went well.

so just reply with any info if you are interested..
The reason RV's are costly to rent is because they often are subjected to neglect by the renter, and so maintenance costs are high.? In addition insurance on rental vehicles is expensive from the owner's point of view.

It would be unusual to find an individual willing to rent an RV for the above reasons, though not impossible.? Suggest your friend place a want ad in the Toronto Star or the Hamilton paper  (is it  the Spectator?).

Another option would be to view a list of companies renting RV's in Ontario by clicking HERE  When you open that page, in the box named "RV Rentals"  select "Toronto and Area" from the drop down menu.

I noticed there are several companies listed that specialize in rental exclusively.

Let us know what your friend decides, and if you need further info, let us know.
You are most welcome.  Hope you and/or your friend come back to participate in the RV Forum!  We need all the Canadian representation we can get  8) 8)

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