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Sep 15, 2005
Southern CA
I have been shopping around for insurance for our new Minne Winnie we take delivery on soon.
My old company I have been with for 34 years rate seems to be about half what some others are asking for the same coverage ! Clearly I need to make a change at least for the MH.
Does anyone have suggestions for a company, or specific items to be covered we may not have thought of ?
Thanks in advance....
Lot will depend on which state you are licensed in.  We currently use AON a division of AIS Insurance agency.  800-521-2942.  Another would be Miller Insurance agency or GMAC.

You really should be careful with RV insurance. Unfortunately a lot of companies write the coverage but do not understand RV coverage and you wind up with holes in your coverage. Companies and brokers that are quite familiar with RV coverage include GMAC (thru Good Sam), AON and the Miller Agency. You can get replacement coverage for the first 5 years of ownership of a new coach, contents and other coverages that companies like Farmers, State Farm and Liberty haven't figured out yet. Even if you decide not to go with them, get a quote from Miller or AON and then compare the policy coverage with all of your other quotes.
I forgot to mention if you use GMAC and get through Good Sam watch out for all the Junk Mail they like to clutter your mail box with.  IMHO GMAC would have to be much much lower to make it worth the junk mail it will generate.
We have been very happy with Explorer RV Insurance.? They have consistently gotten us the best coverage at the lowest rates over the past several years.? Our contact there is:

Robert N. Isbell
RV Specialty Agent
ExplorerRV Insurance Agency, Inc.
PO Box 568; Richfield, OH 44286
[email protected]
(888) 774-6778 phone
(330) 659-6687 fax

Most importantly, shop the coverage with several companies and be sure to specify the same limits so you get comparable quotes.
I'll second the recommendation of Explorer and Bob Isbell.

As Bernie noted, compare coverages carefully.  Many auto insurers write policies on motorhomes as if they were large cars, without awnings, kitchens, and large quantities of personal goods onboard (clothing, cameras, BBQ grills, etc,). They may also forget that you still need liability coverage while the motorhome is parked in a campground too.

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