RV jack alarm will not shut off once jacks are down

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Jul 28, 2018
I have a 2002 Winnebago Adventurer.  When the jacks are going down, the alarm is on. Once they are down and secure, the alarm still sounds, even after turning off the engine and taking the key out.  Tried to find the fuse, to turn off the annoyance, but can't find anything to make it quit. I checked the hydraulic fluid level.  It is fine.  Any ideas???
Ear Muffs?

Seriously, that alarm is crazy annoying which I am sure it was designed to be and they succeeded!

Was the coach able to self level?  In other words, was it out of level when it completed it's cycle?  Did it need to pick the rear end quite a bit?  Might be a safety issue with the parking brake on. 

What type of hydraulic slides are they? 

I know you said you checked the hydraulic fluid but this link makes it sound like the level might be extremely finicky....


Please let us know so we can add to our knowledge case!
You may have a bad ignition switch as the alarm is supposed to stop once you turn off the ignition.
Thank you for your responses.  Able to level coach manually.  Nothing operates differently than I have done in the past. The jacks are HWH type. 
More information:  I left the coach with the jacks down, engine off, and key out all night.  Was still beeping this morning.  However, amazingly sometime during the afternoon it stopped.  I thought it ran my battery down, but the engines started.  No beeping now.  I am thinking it is a loose connection issue in the ignition switch.  Random problems drive me crazy!!

Thanks again for your reply posts!

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