RV LAN Party in Quartzite Arizona 2005-2006

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Sep 4, 2005
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Attention all RVing PC gaming enthusiasts!!!

Anyone interested in a RV LAN party in Quartzite Arizona this winter 2005-2006???

Let me first say that I have never played games at a LAN party, have never played online, and have never enjoyed a game in multiplayer mode.? I retired from work 3 years ago and fulltime alone.  I enjoy playing PC games on my self-built gaming desktop when on shore power and on my laptop when in the boonies.

The idea of a RV LAN party came to me when I was surfing some LAN party websites this morning.? The first idea that comes to mind is to get a group of gaming RVers together and dry camp in proximity in the Quartzite area this winter 2005-2006.? We could network our PCs and enjoy some pc gaming together.

I think that a 2 person LAN party could be easily set up with CAT5 crossover cable run between the RVs.? I have networked my RV desktop PC with my laptop using such a cable.? I would need help in setting up a cabled LAN party with more than 2 participants as I do not have an IT background and don't know that much about networking.? Maybe some kind of wireless network would work better than cable.? Laptops would be simpler to use from a power standpoint.? I am solar powered with an inverter and would probably not have a problem powering a couple of laptops.? Someone with a generator might make it possible to use desktops.? Who knows.? I am thinking out loud.

I see this as a learning opportunity too for myself and perhaps others regarding not only multiplayer gaming but also networking stuff and other pc and techy stuff.? There may be some would be participants out there that have an IT or otherwise technical background that could teach the rest of us a thing or two.? I for one would be willing to learn.

What do you think?? Am I nuts?? Anyone interested?

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