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Mar 27, 2017
Eastern Massachusetts
So, now that I have a trailer, I am planning out the year (or at least starting to).

Our plan for 2021 is to sell our house then live in the trailer (we call it the condo) until we buy the next house. We expect the realtor to ask us to move out while they show the house. Before it can be shown, floor sanding and interior painting I has to be done. We have a bunch of landscape work to complete as soon as the weather warms. This year it was late February so who knows. So, we may be outdoors ya know (George Thoroughgood) any time from mid April on for as long as it takes (though houses are selling fast these days).

Anyway, the question...

I see camping sites listed with lengths. For example, one says pull through for vehicle length up to 45ft.
Since I am a truck & trailer, is the trailer length or, is it the combined length?

I estimate my combined length at 52ft with a 36ft long 5th wheel trailer.



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Dec 10, 2017
From our experience, it could be either. When we phone a site, we always explain it is a fifth wheel and detachable tow truck. On some sites, they refer to the maximum that can maenover into the pitch.
We have had others that specify that longest available is 31ft, but we have easily got our 34ft in.
Happy travels.


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Feb 13, 2016
Dayton, OH
We go by the length of our trailer and have followed this practice for the last 4 plus years. On back in sites, sometimes we have to jockey our truck perpendicular to our trailer nose just off the camp access road. This process is common throughout the campgrounds. I?ve never had a problem on pull thru sites getting the truck and trailer in straight.


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Feb 22, 2016
Out West where we travel, the space size is normally for your "house", any extra vehicles usually park next to it, so if trailer and truck, truck parks beside trailer. Same with tow vehicle if you are an RV.  We are about 54 ft combined and I usually say 30 ft for length. Most places ask what you are though, same with online bookings, so they know if you are trailer, 5th wheel etc.

Very rarely an RV park may say you have to park your truck elsewhere and not at the side if it is a smaller or older site.

We have never had a problem so far.
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