RV Parks closing in Las Vegas

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Mar 3, 2005

I was talking with a friend (Kevin) who has a mobile RV Service in Las Vegas and he was worried that, over the next couple of years, his business will go down for the following reasons. 

Two Rv parks along Boulder Highway have already sold to developers who want to build condos.  A third RV Park on Boulder Highway is considering selling out to developers.  The casino Sam's Town on Boulder Highway is planning on closing their RV Park in about 1-1/2 years to expand their casino on that land.  That's four RV Parks and it will hurt RVers who want to stay on the north side of Las Vegas

Now for the south side of Las Vegas.  They have started the new I-15 freeway overpass that is at the junction of I-15 and Blue Diamond Highway at the Silverton Casino.  Yes, the Silverton is closing it's RV park too because Industrial Street will go straight through it instead of angling left as it now does.  Kevin told me that they traded the land where the RV Park was located for all the land that will be between the relocated Industrial Street and the casino itself.

Last but not least the Oasis RV Park, across I-15 from the Silverton, will be closing in about 1 to 1-1/2 years.  They sold out to a developer who plans 5 or more timeshare highrise buildings in that area.  BTW, the first highrise building has already been started on the land that is between the Oasis and Las Vegas boulevard at Windmill Lane.  They already have a big sales office in the shopping center at the corner of Windmill and Las Vegas Boulevard.

That's two more gone for a total of six, soon to be gone, RV Parks.


Won't be many choices in Las Vegas to park.? Thanks for posting that Jerry.  I also heard today that Emerald Desert RV Park in Palm Springs is closing because they sold the property.

I am not surprised with the land prices in Las Vegas. I expect to see some of the large Rv Parks in Mesa close over the coming years.

I would expect that new RV Parks will be built further outside of town, but they will be less convenient.

WiFi at camp Fitzgerald? When is the rally there?
The WiFi is the easy part, it's the space (land) to fit you guys in that is the tough part.


Ho Ho Ho, you would be surprised at house and/or land costs here in LV.  Vito, the fellow two doors down from us, is building himself a bigger so he had his house appraised.  It appraised for $1,000,000.00.  We will miss the Silverton and the Oasis because they are both first class RV Parks and the only ones on the south end of town.

Jim Dick said:

That's simple. Just buy the house next door and tear it down! ;D ;D

Does the vacant lot behind your lot count? I have the recipt, awaiting the title, putting up the fence. Site will included limited power (20 amp, labeled 15) sewer and if you have a long enough hose water.  They found the sewer pipe Thursday just as it got too dark to work... They found the break in the sewer pipe Friday Morning (I've had a break in my sewer pipe for a long time, it was within a couple of inches of where we wanted to tap in, this was by design) and installed the tap... They have to route it and bury it Monday or Tuesday.

Of course... This will be my parking spot... but I can park another Motor Home in front of it no problem, Just need a long sewer hose
Hi Jerry,

No, I am not surprised at the cost of housing in LV. In fact it's high everywhere. We should have kept ours for a few more years!! :)
Hi John,

It sure does! :) When we still owned a house in CT we used to park our coach on the side lawn and let our guests have the RV driveway with 30amp service. No dump but water was available. The dump was up the highway about 15 minutes away.


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