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Jul 25, 2005
Albuquerque, NM
Hi all,

MDH (My dear husband) and I will be over in Tucson in November to attend 4 dog shows. There may be RV sites on the showgrounds, and if so, we will probably do that.

But we plan to surround that weekend with some down time, getting away from the cold in Albuquerque in November. It has been years since we stayed in Tucson, and then our children were young.

Now that we're semi-retired, our needs are of course different. We want a quiet, perhaps adult only, pets welcome attractive place. We drive a 34 ft. National Sea Breeze Bus. Won't be towing. Our stay could be around three weeks.

Any recommendations?

Berner Gran  :)
Mission View RV Resort.  It's just off I-19, south of Valencia.  One of the nicest parks in Tucson with large sites and, most important, it's on the Indian reservation so no sales or bed taxes.  We've stayed there often, even spent 2 winters there.
We have not stayed at a campground in Tucson or Pima county since they started targeting RVers to tax to pay for the Sports center.  I don't recommend any campground in Pima county except Mission View which is a nice campground on the indian reservation and not subject to the taxes.

Hi Berner Gran,

We've spent quite a bit of time in Tucson.  There are a couple of very nice RV parks.  One is Western Way RV near the junction of I-19 and Ajo Way.  Another is Rincon Country West RV near I 10 and Star Pass Blvd.  Our favorite is Western Way, it's smaller, nice big sites.  Rincon has over 300+ sites and we found it too big for us.  However they have lots to do:  sewing rooms, woodworking, library etc.  Both parks are adults only, if I recall correctly. 

Western Way is much more relaxed.  It's also near the Natural Living Museum.  This is a great place to view animals in their natural habitat, as well as all the flora and fauna.  It's also close to San Xavier Mission which is a marvel to see.

Here are the websites: 
Western Way RV  http://www.wwrvresort.com/
Rincon West        http://www.rinconcountry.com/

Let me know if we can answer any more questions.  It's a great place!

Hi Marsha,

Did you (or anyone) ever stay at the Desert Trails RV Campground in Tucson?? Looks nice to me but rather have some inside information. It is rated good on one website I went.

Only 10 miles from Costco.
My wife and I stayed at Voyager this year. Loved it. Clean resort with bar/restaurant, barber shop, beauty shop, medical facilties, physical therapy, 2 good pools, lots to do in season and good shows on weekends often. It was our first time there we'd go back.


Sorry, that's my fault but saw the old thread and wanted to ask the question. Is it a better idea to post a new topic (or similar) on an subject??

Thanks for all the replies as I do plan on spending some time in Tucson. Still like to know if anyone has spent time in the Desert Trails Park or not. I'm a bit of a tight wad and the prices looked reasonable and facilities nice. I wouldn't mind spending $500 to $700 per month for a campground but much after that it would cut into other costs. I realize that other locations in the US are higher in cost. Why I like the idea of out west. Best to all!
Al, Tim and I stayed there this past February for a week.  It's kinda "funky"; but we actually liked it after we settled in.  There are trails to walk all over behind the park in the desert.  It is located a ways from any grocery store or hardware; but not bad.  There are a lot of snowbirds there.  And they seem to have lots of activities for folks to do.

I tried to look for a campground site map on their website, but they don't have one; but if you do decide to stay there ask for 50 amp service.  Those sites seem to be the nicest.  The park looks like it started out small with sites positioned this way and that way; but then expanded and put more thought into it.  We were in the last row on the south side and it was pretty nice.  There is another campground right behind it and we thought it looked a bit better than Desert Trails.  I can't recall the name of the other campground at the moment.  I'll try to find it....found it.  It was Doc Justin's Diamond J RV park.  I don't know their rates.

Hope this helps.

Hi Marsha,

Thanks for the info! One of the things I liked is the hiking trails so close by. I'll check out Doc Justin's Diamond J Park. I did see one report where I believe they had fluctuation in the electric at the site one day. Perhaps a one time thing or maybe when it is busy. (too many people running heaters or something)

It would be nice to be able to visit with other forum members who might stay there during the winter. I know several have mentioned some other RV campgrounds they like and perhaps I might run into more forum members at those parks.

I plan on buying a B Class van so I might be content in a smaller, less nice site but we'll take a look around before deciding. I liked the northwestern spots as it was the closest to the hiking trails. Costco is about ten miles away off of Ajo.

Here is a link I have been looking at for the Desert Trails in case anyone else wants to check them out for a stay.


Thanks for your help!
We stayed at the Adventure Bound RV Resort, formerly Cactus Country and we were there for a week. We have 2 small kids but there were no other kids there (it was in March). Mainly snowbirds and they had lots of activities for them. Lovely park with great social activities such as the free BBQ which was delicious. Huge park with walking trails around it. Nice pool and hot tub. Close to Tuscon incuding Walmart - about 15 mins drive.
We were there for a month last April and enjoyed it. We will be back there again in March next year. It's funky, but fun.
We stay at desert trails, 4th year this winter, lots of good folks, quiet, 2 dog runs, and interesting layout. Use to be a water park so not many straight lines. Some sites are better that others, and we book ours in march for the next season.
hope to see you there.
Howard and Jo
Hi Foxysdad,

Thanks for your report! I thought the northwestern sites might be the best but need to take a look before deciding. I'd like to be able to set up a telescope and observe at night if possible so being out on a fringe area should satisfy that hobby.

Yes, my wife and I would like to meet up with other forum members. The Quartize rally sounds like it would be a fun one and nice side show to get away for a few days or a week.
Hi camperAL
There are a few folks with telescopes at the park, and it is 5 miles south of Tucson so the sky is easy to see.
Because Kitt Peak is nearby, Tucson has an excellent light pollution control program.
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