RV Propane Tank Safety Shutoff?

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Kim (skyking4ar2) Bertram

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Jun 16, 2010
Santa Fe, New Mexico
After watching a recent Forum poster's Class C go up in flames on a YouTube video he linked, and the very obvious part of the fire as the LP tank drained into the fire, and because the question of running the LP refrigerator while rolling is frequently asked, I want to know more about the safety features on LP tank installations in RV's.

I have never worried about running the refer (on the old coach, the new one is electric only) on LP while driving. We just set it to AUTO and let it rip, no problems.

However, if an LP line is torn or breached while underway, like in a crash, or from debris , or whatever, is there a device at the tank between the tank and the line that would shut off the flow of LP past a certain pressure? I know that to be true with some fuel islands for different types of fuel, but how about the RV's themselves?

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ASME spec fixed LP tanks have an excess flow device incorporated into the propane service valve. So do the portable DOT tanks with new the Acme style connector. Operating pressure for LP appliances are very low (under 0.5 psi), so any really significant flow can be treated as a break.

The LP distribution lines in a motorhome are mostly black iron pipe, so resist damage quite well. Copper tubing or flexible lines may be used here and there as needed, though. Obviously,  a severe collision could damage a pipe or tear one of the flex lines and let gas escape. However, the engine fuel lines are much more vulnerable.

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