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Mar 9, 2005
Home base-Kernville, CA
Hi Everyone,

Tim and I have been doing somethinking....We have 3 acres in So Calif and are getting somewhat tired of the upkeep; however, we love the place.

Last year we stumbled onto a complex in Palm Springs where you buy a small piece of land with a Casitas built on it and park your motor home right next to it.  You can have a small pool put in and all the other properties are the same.  Here is the weblink to see what I'm talking about:


I know these types of places exits in Florida and other states, but what we are trying to find is if they exist in Arizona or Nevada.  I've done extensive web searchs and can't find anything.  Does any one else know if there is anything like this in AZ or NV?

My apologies if my hyperlink isn't right; you might have to cut and paste.

Thanks for any info.


Hi Marsha,

Terry and I have attended many an open house at Desert Shores.  It was developed  by Bob Lee the founder of Country Coach.  There are a few others like it in the Indio area.  Vineyard is another I think.

At any rate the concept of an RV Pad and a Casita is being run through the  building code permits etc here in Yuma.  On the first go around , the city planners rejected it and now it is being run through the processes again. Who knows the political will and ways of these things.  I would say it is at least a year away.  I have no first hand knowledge of others.  Desert Shores has lots of amenities and a hefty monthly dues package to go  with it.  Can't wait to see you guys again in Moab.

Hi Betty,

When we visited Desert Shores about 1 1/2 years ago, we thought then that the monthly association and maintenance dues were high; and I'm not sure the 900 sq ft would do much for me.  I like the concept, but was thinking, heck, I could buy a piece of property and have a casitas or small house built on it with NO monthly fees or manitenance costs... ;D

I think we are trying to come up with a good solution or compromise.  The house in San Diego is really nice; but we have a lot of maintenance to keep everything up with 3 acres.  We're not ready to go full time...so the debate goes back and forth.  Plus I want out of California if we are going to move.  I can't see moving to another place within CA.

I did find something I like here in Tucson.  The homes are not very big; but I love the design and builder.  I really like the "Tucson"......"Sante Fe" look which these are.  They are low maintenance with great views of the Tucson Mountain Park and the Sonoran Desert.  Lots of hiking trails, with a community pool, tennis, golf and rec center.  The monthly association fee isn't that much.  Anyway, it's something to look at it.

Sorry to ramble.

Can't wait to see you guys too, at Moab.

MarshaLassen/CA said:
I did find something I like here in Tucson.? The homes are not very big; but I love the design and builder.? I really like the "Tucson"......"Sante Fe" look which these are.?

Hi Marsha,
Are the places you looked at RV friendly?  We saw many lovely  over 55 developments in Tuscon area but you could not keep an RV on the premises.  Many are building what you are describing here in Yuma.  There are still lots available  as resales. Lots are long and narrow and you could build a small home on back and keep RV in Front or along side.  There are no pools or common  amenities but no association fees either.  We also opted to be out of California.

Isn't it nice to have options?

I live in such a place here in NW corner of phoenix. Happy Trails. Have a 50x60 ft concrete slab with 14+ ft high metal awning over all of it. My RV parks under the awning and I live on the rest of the patio. There is also a15x8 ft 2 story shed.


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rhmahoney said:
...There is also a15x8 ft 2 story shed.
That is a great idea for getting the best of both worlds, nowhere near as flash or as costly as the one linked to in the original post.
I have never heard of such a thing down this way but they may have things like that in Queensland along the Gold Coast.

Can you perhaps tell us a bit more about the shed? Any facilities? Cooking, bathroom etc? Does the community have a clubroom or anywhere to meet? Is it a gated community? Do you take that big BBQ with you on the road or is there a place for that and the other gear in the shed?
There are lots of places that run the gamut from having a small house with a pool to just an outdoor kitchen.  A number of them around the country are unther the banner, Outdoor Resorts.  some are developed by Marathon and some are developed by Monaco.  We live in Outdoor Resorts - Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort which allos outdoor kitchens, storage, entertainment centers, etc.  There is a ton of activities and your lot can be rented out ewhile your away if you wish.  It all depends on whagt you want and how much it's worth to you.


We like Betty & Terry decided to opt out of California so if you two ever consider that take a look at Las Vegas, Nevada.
Here are some of the pros and cons for Las Vegas.

1.  No income tax.  This can be very important if you have an untaxed IRA that you might want to cash in or convert to a Roth IRA.
2.  Reasonable housing costs so you can afford a totally enclosed MH garage that is attached to the automobile garage which in turn is
        attached to the house.
3.  Recognise that MH registration fees are as high as California as are property taxes on your house.
4.  No Inheritance tax.
5.  RE security for a MHer, there are many "gated" communities.
6.  Lots to do when you're in town, shows, restaurants, buffets, Lake Meade, and snow skiing is only 1-1/2 hours away at 10,000 feet plus.
7.  Recognise the if you're "weak" on resisting gambling, then DO NOT come here.
8.  It's hot, just like Phoenix, in the summer but we have air conditioning in our house and an air cooler in the garage.  Also, all and I do
          mean all establishments in this town have air conditioning.
9.  The South end of town is our favorate because we are VERY CLOSE to I-15, the 215 beltway around Las Vegas and the "strip," so there
          is easy and quick access to Los Angeles, Reno & Northern California, Salt Lake City, and Arizona (Phoenix and Quartzsite).  If you look
        on a map find the intersection of I-15 and State route 160 (Blue Diamond road) and you'll see what I generally refere to as the south
        end of town. 
10. Life in general is a bit less expensive than it was in California where we lived from 1962 until 2000.  Fuel (gas and diesel) is just as
        high as in California because we get it via an underground pipeline from Long Beach.
11.  Excellent, close and with easy access, airport facilities.
12.  There are several MH repair facilities, mobile repair folks and even the Propane guy comes to my house to fill the tank.

On the other hand, there are many other GREAT places in this country that may fit your needs even better than Las Vegas.
Hope this helps.

JerryF (Jerry & Ardra)
JerArdra said:

Here are some of the pros and cons for Las Vegas.

And you never have to put that nasty pink stuff in your MH's water system  :D
Russ, ?Nice "digs" as the kids say.... ;D ?

However, at this moment in our lives we still want a "stick" house. ?We have lots of family and friends that visit and I'm assuming they will still want to come visit. ?I need the extra bedroom and bath for company.

Jerry, we have actually thought of Las Vegas and as you say the tax situation is really good. ?What we seem to be leaning toward is a small house with an RV garage. ?I want NO, read that as a strong NO yard work. ?I'm done with tree trimming, grass mowing and planting flower gardens. ?However, I would like a small patio or what we are seeing out here in Tucson, pea gravel yards with beautiful cactus that needs very little care. ?It's just coming up with where we want to be seems to be the problem. ?I have a feeling that one day we will wake up and say: "this is the place". ?We need good restrauants, theaters and good medical, as well as, close to a major airport. ?We like the idea of a common Rec center with a pool, golf and tennis courts. ?We'd also like to be able to lock everything up and take off not having to worry.

And the search goes on..... 8)

Thanks for all your information.

My parents became full-timers in the 1970s and wandered for 15 years looking for "just the right place"....they said there was more fun in the looking than in the finding.
We've been looking for that "perfect place" for 9 years and still haven't found it.  The only places close are suffering from an overly inflated real estate market right now.  The trick is to find the "next perfect place" :)
Ian: "Can you perhaps tell us a bit more about the shed? Any facilities? Cooking, bathroom etc? Does the community have a clubroom or anywhere to meet? Is it a gated community? Do you take that big BBQ with you on the road or is there a place for that and the other gear in the shed?"

The shed is, by covenant 'not for habitation'. But some folks put sleeping quarters upstairs anyway. My upstairs has the water heater and storage space. The double door on the front is for inside parking of the golf cart. I have a  toilet room instead. In the main room: stacked washer/drier, kitchen counter with sink, garbage disposal, auto dishwasher, fridge.

Across the back wall of the shed is an outdoor counter with small sink.

HT is a gated 2000 lot condo operation with a large clubhouse with swimming, golf, meeting halls, restaurant, as well as 2 satellite swimming and meeting rooms centers. Homeowners dues currently $110.00/month.

Nope, I make do without any BBQ on the road.

BBQ and sofa cushions fit into shed, the rest get chained up, in situ.
Thanks RH, that settles my curiosity.

I have not found anything similar in Australia in my Google searches but, there might be some found as soon as I put in the right keywords.

With everything setup like you have it, what is the usual time that it takes you from deciding, "I'm outta here", to the time that your MH actually goes through the gate and your journey begins anew?

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