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Mike in Texas

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May 15, 2006
New Braunfels, TX
I recently discovered that there is a half inch square spot on the back of the passenger seat in our 6 month old Monaco Diplomat that has almost worn through the vinyl material. After chewing out my wife for reclining back too far and rubbing the back of the seat on the trim of the front curbside slide while traveling, I discovered that the seat rubs with it in the full forward full upright position. In order to avoid further damage, I would like to buy two heavy fabric covers for the tops of the driver and passenger captain's seats, similar to what some airlines place on the backs the airliner seats. Does anyone know a source for such a thing?
I agree a seatcover and auto upholstery shop. These places also usually do window tinting and sometimes car audio, if you're looking in the yellow pages.

We've bought material from places like that to use in various home made projects.

Sometimes they will let you take scraps from their cuttings, which might be big enough for what you are doing.    It's easy stuff to sew with a sewing machine, though the tension adjustment and needle may have to be changed.

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