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Mar 5, 2005
Your multiple posting has earned you a spot in my "don't let your friends use that outfit" book.


FWIW his actions also earned him a ban from posting here. The agreement we all accepted when we registered for an account here specifically prohibits both commercial ads and "flooding". I've also posted "no commercial ads" reminders periodically. Our vigilant forum staff saw his ads and moved them out of sight before I got online this morning (I crashed early and got up late  ;D )
Presently I am considering calling them and letting them know that I would not deal with anybody that can't read and follow rules and that I will strongly recommend against using them. 
Ok,,, Who are we to boycott?  (PS, I agree with you, if they can't follow the rules here, I can not expect them to follow the rules should they be doing work on my horse (Workhorse that is) and if they screw up,say, a brake repair... I can be in serious.... trouble)
No organized boycott John. I think Ron's phone call will suffice.
Tom said:
No organized boycott John. I think Ron's phone call will suffice.

Still Tom,,, what I said applies... If they can't read the rules here, how can I expect them to read the instalation instructions on some piece of safety gear?

You see... It is a safety issue
He's not alone John. I've had to ban a number of folks. OTOH there have also been a number of what I'd call courteous and professional people who have sent me an email or PM asking if it was OK to post something. Irrespective of my answer, those prior requests are very much appreciated.
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