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Aug 25, 2009
I am looking at upgrading my TT.  Looking at a Dutchmen TT with a "list" price of about $38k.  They have it on "sale" for $26k.  Realistically how much more should I expect them to move on that price.  As a side note, any one on the board a Dutchmen dealer in Nor Cal?
First question is whether the "list price" is an actual one from the manufacturer or some fiction the dealer came up with.  If $38k is the real MSRP, then $26K is a heck of a discount! Almost 32%.
That's a really good question.  Manufacturer doesn't list pricing so getting a real list price is difficult.  There is a lower optioned trailer available at another dealer that shows MSRP of $32k and they are offering it at $24k.  It would seem as though MSRP is meaningless.  There is only one trailer on RV Trader listed at MSRP Nationwide.  Hoping there might be a few grand more left in that price, but also understand that the price listed is about as good as it gets when searching comparable equipment nationwide.
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