RV showers, shapes and sizes?

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Dec 3, 2016
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Last night I tried googling various RV forums on the topic of practicality of the various shapes and sizes of RV showers without much luck, so now I am here starting a thread on the topic, what are your thoughts, ....

Having a functional shower was one of my wife's big priorities when we were shopping for our current coach, in the end we bought a coach with a glassed in 32 inch neo angle shower, which I feel is about the minimum size shower to be functional for an adult (I am 6'0" and weigh in around 200 pounds).

Overall I find our current shower functional, though getting in and out through the door way without letting sensitive bits touch cold metal can be a challenge.  Also picking up dropped soap / shampoo can be a challenge in the limited space, that is without stepping out of the shower first.  I know I certainly would not want anything smaller, and I am not sure how those with 30 inch neo angles do it (though most of those have soft curtain sides which may help), when and if we get another coach, I think I would probably try to get one with a slightly larger shower, perhaps a 34 or 36 inch neo angle, or the newer similar curve front corner shower.

So what are your thoughts, how about those of you with the rectangular showers, do you find them functional, if so what size are they, ....?  Lets try to stick with dry bath RV's with separate showers for this thread, as the whole wet bath / dry bath debate can open a can of worms and lead us off topic quickly.
Our "garden" tub/shower is about 48" by 30", and we find the size quite comfortable to use for showering. The tub is a bit small for adult soaking, although it would be fine for smaller children. The only downside is the higher step over for entry and exit, but we accept that as the price for the larger space.
It's just one of those things you have to try on for size when RV shopping. I have no idea what the dimensions were in our last two coaches, but they were larger sizes and we both made sure we stepped into the shower, moved around a bit, etc. before purchasing.  A usable shower was one of our major criteria.  Just what shape/style/dimensions constitute usable is probably a matter of personal preference, though.

We found that a walk-thru bath typically offered the larger shower sizes. Some of the rear bath models were good too. Both of those type of floor plans enabled the full width of the RV to be used in the bath/shower area and that gave some design flexibility that we liked.

Trading bath space for more lounge/galley space is a typical newbie mistake. It may be an ok tradeoff for a weekend, but few realize how aggravating a tiny shower/toilet/bath area can be after a several days.
Gary hit the nail on the head!  RV showers are whatever size and shape the manufacturer can fit into the space.  When we looking before buying our current motorhome, Jerry really like a 38' model but I knew that shower wouldn't work for us.  And I don't just mean the inside of the shower.  I simulated standing in front of the mirror combing my hair and kept hitting my recently healed broken elbow on the shower surround.  I knew I would hate that model so we bought the 40' model.  I not only have more room inside the shower but I have maneuvering room for hair combing and also more cabinet storage for bathroom items.

I'm 5'6" and 140, I thought any size shower would be fine so didn't think much about it. I wish I would have! This neo-angle stuff is a pain and I'd like to rip it out and just put a regular shower stall in. I might get around to that someday...
Im 6'3" 245 lbs so yes i larger lol it was a HUGE issue for me trying to find a fit i also have 8 screws 4 plates in my back and im awaiting a full knee replacement so a tub is kinda out the equation but our current rig i can move around get in and out and pick up the soapwhen i drop it . But i agree you need to search every unit to find what works
My wife?s RV priority is having a good bathroom as she doesn?t like bathhouses. Our previous RV had an OK shower & layout but this new one has a 30x40 shower, huge med cabinet, lots of storage, etc?she loves it. We viewed a very nice 2018 used Newmar w/king bed but the shower was dinky & bathroom was so small that if you dropped a basketball in there it couldn?t hit the floor! DW & I (5?2? & 5?8?) love our new shower?we can bend over to pick up things & there?s room to towel off inside.

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