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Sep 27, 2006
I saw the tips about winterizing an RV in the library.  Are there other storage issues?  In particular I wonder how good it is for the generator not to be run for long periods of time.  Also, if the RV is not going to be stored in a cold weather area, it would seem most of the winterizing tips would not apply, or am I missing something?
It is generally accepted that the generator should be run periodically with a load on it. There is a technical reason for this that I won't bore you with. In practice, I haven't been especially careful about doing that on boats or RVs over the last 20+ years.

We live in northern CA  and have never worried about winterizing. On the few nights a year we expect a heavy frost, I take the coach out of storage and plug it into shore power so the basement heater will come on automatically if the temperature in the bay gets too low. I'll also turn the furnace on and leave the thermostat at its lowest setting.
If don't start and run my Onan 7000 at least once per month it is a bear to start. I think the problem is that the gas runs back in the fuel line.

Ah, thanks for that Woody. My generators are diesel. However, when I had gas generators I don't recall having that problem.
Get a gas perserver like sta=bil and run it for a few minutes This should keep the gas from varnishing up causing the carb headache. Onan also sels a foam that does the same job...good luck
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