RV Storage in Palm Springs

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Oct 20, 2012
I am not sure where to put this, but i am looking for a covered place to put a 40 foot coach and a tow vehicle from November to March in Palm Springs.  It appears there are someplace but they charge $400 and up which seems outrageous.

It does not matter to me if its a private individual or commercial.  any help would be great.
My cousin stores his 40' MH inside here in Michigan for $80.00 a month and drives his car back to California for the winter.

Scott  :)
The toad, and needing covered storage, probably complicates the issue immensely.  I would expect you will need two spaces. One for the M/H and one for the toad. Perhaps you could stow the M/H in a covered site and the toad in a separate uncovered site under a cover.  The weather in Palm Springs in that time period is relatively tame.  I know they have covered storage at Emerald Desert RV.  http://emeralddesert.com/
We have stored our RV in Mesa Arizona undercover for $105 per month.  The area is secure.  If you want details let me know and I will send them through
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