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Mar 16, 2005
If you have young friends looking for a place to make a career they might want to look at one of two places. For those mechanically inclined and not interested in advanced schooling, RV business did a poll of dealers on the RV technician status last month. (1 was complete lack of technician availability and 10 being an overabundance.)  83% rated their situation 5 or below. With places like Garvin's new facility in KY going to require technicians to man 150 new service bays multiple shifts, the pressure will remain. Many dealers are building expanded service areas to meet higher sales and even manufacturers like Cummin-Onan and FCCC are building new facilities for added service bays. I had a need of one and went to a mobile individual owner this last week to handle a circuit board failure. He told me he does 8 appointments a day -  each at a labor price of $75 minimum. He has shrunk his area of coverage because even from his remote location in a small town in GA he has all the work he can handle. His only expense, is his Ford van,gas and tools.

The other is Computer Scientist degreed folks but that doesn't fit this forum.
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