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I don't know anything specifically about Safari products, but the company was purchased by Monaco. Safari owners I've talked with speak highly of the way that Monaco continues to support them, even when their rigs are long out of warranty.
We have one current Zanzibar owner here and I hope they jump in with their experience on the brand.

Another member is an ex-Zanzibar owner who got rid of it after repeated problems with the rear end overheating. Safari/Monaco kept fixing it under warranty but something kept causing the problem to re-occur. Monaco gave them a  discount on a new Monaco product to compensate and they bought a Beaver instead.
psiegert said:
What good and bad things can anyone tell me about the Safari Zanzibar?

We have a '99 Zans. Haven't had any major problems. You do have to be careful not to lift the front wheels off the ground for extended times. You can lift them off the ground to level but you need to put something to support them once you're level. The front cap support is weak and will sag and pop windshields if the front wheels aren't supported. There has been one recall for the ABS system since I've owned it. I had a over heating problem when I first got it. It has the Cat 3126B 330HP engine. I complained to one of the Monaco reps at a FMCA convention and he looked at it and said it needed a cooling kit. They shipped it to me UPS and a local repair shop installed it and it hasn't over heated since. All covered under warranty. I've been very pleased with Monaco's support.

I drive around 60MPH most of the time pulling a Ford Ranger and get between 8 and 8.5 MPG most of the time.

If you have any specific questions just ask.

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