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Apr 25, 2006
I've worked this weight thing using all the information I can find and I think I'm OK, but would like some validation before I set out for Montana next month.  Here's my info:

Tow Vehicle:
2005, Dodge Durango, 2WD, 4.7 SOHC Magnum         
RearAxleRatio: 3.92
Wheelbase: 119.2
TV_GVWR: 6400
GCWR: 14000
CurbWeight: 4823
Class IV Tow package, Reese dual cam sway control hitch assembly rated for 1200 lbs.

Travel Trailer:
Year:  2006 Coachmen Captiva 265EX
GVWR: 6158
DryWeight: 4499
TongueWeight:  580
Length:  appx 22 ft not expanded; 26.5 ft with rear slider out

I hope this is enough information for an opinion -- especially since I've already pulled it several hundred miles (smile).  It wasn't fully loaded however.

Thanks for the input.



Don't forget to add the weight of people, fuel, stuff and the tongue weight of the trailer to the curb weight of the tow vehicle. Also add the weight of any water, propane and stuff to the weight of the trailer. Our towing experts here also recommend giving yourself a 10% cushion, or 15-20% if towing in the western mountains.

Taking your numbers and making some assumptions:

Tow vehicle:
Curb weight                = 4823
2 people                    =  320
Fuel                          =  180  (gasoline weighs approx 6.2 lbs/gallon)
Stuff                          =    50
Trailer tongue weight  =  580
Total laden weight      = 5953 (GVWR = 6400)

Dry weight                = 4499
Water                      =  400 (water weighs 8.3 lbs/gallon)
Propane                  =    80 (propane weighs 4.2 lbs/gallon)
Stuff                        =  500
Total weight of trailer = 5479 (GVWR = 6158)

Gross combined weight = 5593 + 5479 - 580 (don't count the tongue weight twice) = 10852 (GCWR = 14000)

You need to plug your own numbers in instead of mine, but it would appear that you're OK and have some headroom for towing in the western mountains.
Thanks, Tom.  Yes, I'd added in some weights and I plan to weigh everything on a scale before the long trip.  I just needed some "validation."  I appreciate the response.

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