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Hi Smoky

We stayed at Travellers World.

Within a couple of minutes our neighbour complained about the noise from our diesel engine (we left in running for a few minutes to cool down and whilst we opened the slides).

I got my own back when I let it "warm up" for 15 minutes on leaving. He complained again, at which I thanked him for the very warm welcome he gave us.? ;D

Other than that, the CG was ideal for access into the city - just 80 cents on the bus, which stopped directly across the road.

The riverwalk area of the city was really nice and we re-visited it over several days.



I see you're making an impression on the locals  ;D

....our diesel engine (we left in running for a few minutes to cool down and whilst we opened the slides).

Interesting. The slides on our coach won't move in or out if the engine is running.
UK-RV said:
The riverwalk area of the city was really nice and we re-visited it over several days.

Hope you remembered to remove your hat in the Alamo.  I forgot and got a stern reprimand from a gray haired Daughter of the Republic of Texas.  Got the same mild chewing out in York Minister from a diffferent source. ;D
Hi Smoky,

We have stayed there and it is the most convenient to downtown SA. It's an average campground but we had a good time. Easy access to the Alamo and Riverwalk as well as the other missions in the area. I think there are four additional missions besides the Alamo and they are all unique. Most are very close to the campground. We will certainly stay there again on our next trip to SA.
Thanks for the encouragement.  It is a fine park and Sky loves the HUGE doggy area.

I will say Rosie on the GPS flew us in to the exact street address but it was VERY difficult with changing interstate lanes and all kinds of twists and turns.  I guess I got my land based 100 Ton Master yesterday.  ;D

Also thanks for the hat tip as we hit the Alamo today.

Glad you made it. Hope you enjoy the city. Since it's your first time I'd suggest the boat trip at the Riverwalk. They give some information about the river and area. Really neat to watch them maneuver the boats around the island near the main entrance. Sometimes you'll find a novice driver learning the skills. Can be quite entertaining. :)

We sure did do the boat ride and enjoyed it very much.  Not very expensive either.  We are finding the cost of living in San Antonio very easy to deal with.

I'm sure you will also be doing the mission tour. We met a Padre at one and had quite a conversation. He was quite the funny story teller. We also took the horse and buggy ride around part of San Antonio. Can't remember if we saw them there last year or not.

Be careful of the Irish Pub on the Riverwalk. The first time we stopped we were going to have a nice dinner at one of the restaurants. We looked at the menu and the steak was over $25. That's when most filets were around $18. I decided the Irish Pub would be nice since they had a live singer doing the old fighting songs. Well, by the time we got out of there it cost more than the other restaurant and all we had were hamburgers. The Guinness on tap must have done it. ;D On top of it, after we ordered the singer started singing regular songs! :mad:
Well we decided to take all of our savings from the 40 cent bus rides and low cost boat rides and invest last night in dinner at The Fig Tree on the River Walk. What a grand meal.? For appetizers we ordered three.? Foie gras, tuna tartar, and escargot.? Followed by a couple of mignons.? We had two drinks each and stayed away from the sommelier.? Still, with tip, it was over $200.?

We saw a guy at a table next to us reject 3 bottles of opened wine.? I do not know how people get away with that kind of expensive behavior.? The waiter looked mortified.? They should have been serving him Mogen David blackberry.? I always find Mogen David a safe choice.

There were 6 waiters for about 20 tables in the outdoor garden along the river.? Interestingly, all 6 waiters waited on each table as a team.? I felt it slowed down the overall service, but then again, they were characters and put on a show that was very interesting.? We won't be eating like that for a very long time but we will remember the meal the rest of our lives.?

Priceless.? ?:D

Today it is off to Rainbow's End, departing in a few minutes.? We will be eating "in" for awhile.? ?:D
Smoky  While you are in SA, go to the Benjamin Milam Park and get what literature you can and save for Audrey.  That was her Great Great Uncle.  He was a Col. in Sam Houston's Army. that got cut off at the pass, so to speak.  Have a great trip.
No Problem Smoky.  Maybe I can someday take her there  and pretend it's a Flying J and just leave here there.  By the way did the attachment on the email I sent open  That was her poem about the Flying J.  Hope it opened for Betty  I'd hate to have to type that thing again. Espectally with these talented fingers.  Ole Arthur has them all swelled up.

Sounds like you had quite a meal. I remember many years ago for our 25th anniversary we went to Disneyland. Ate at Victoria & Albert's. No prices on the menu which was engraved with our name. Cheapest bottle of champagne was $50! Cost us $10/year of marriage. :) It was one of those restaurants that give you a very small portion of food on a plate twice the size of any we had at home. Then they dribble all that fancy sauce stuff to try to take your eyes off the missing food.
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