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Apr 13, 2011
In keeping with original equipment, I need a Sani-Con on/off switch like the one pictured.
I have managed to replace all the other parts the previous owner threw away because he could not get it to work, but I still need the switch.
I know push comes to shove I can go to Radio Shack and buy a switch, but would rather stay with original.
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That's a standard RV SPST switch with lamp assembly.  The only thing Sanicon about it is the label :)  You can find one at any RV supply store.
The switch itself is likely held in place with clips behind the small plate and comes out easily. Just pick up a similar one at Radio Shack or  many marine stores may carry them. I suggest a 120V replacement  be used if possible.
DO NOT go to Radio Shack and buy a switch.. They do not carry a switch up to running the Sanicon Pump...

Now Electronic supply stores do.. A standard wall switch MIGHT (If it's rated for 20 amps, this is the kind of switch that turns on your lights at home) you need a minimum of a 20 amp rating and a true 20 amps,,,, Radio Shack switches are not really that good, even if they are rated at 20 amps. They may tend to ... Melt... On you.
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