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May 4, 2005
Adelaide, South Australia
On Friday last (10 Nov 06)  I made a regular visit to the Blood Bank for a plasma donation but this time I took in my Santa suit and dressed up so the Centre could do some promotional work. It went well, they got some good photos and I got to see my ugly mug on the nightly news!

Here are some of the photos that were taken:
Being prepared for the Donation
Visiting with other Donors
With one of the staff members

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Thanks Mike and Ron, and Tom for fixing up the link error ;)
I have been a blood donor since the early 70s but only just reached the 25 donations milestone because you don't donate if you are unwell or under some medication. I now donate whole blood every 12 weeks and in between that I try to give plasma. I can give plasma fortnightly so long as I leave a 4 week buffer either side of the whole blood appointment.
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I cannot emphasise strongly enough, IF you are healthy, IF you don't have problems in your circulation system, then please consider being a regular Blood Donor. It is only a small needle, it really doesn't (shouldn't) hurt, it will take about an hour or so and the contribution you are making to help save the lives of others is priceless!
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It was a donation of two pints of blood that helped save my life one year ago and I am alive and well to tell about it.  I whole heartedly thank you and each and every other donor for their contributions.  Unfortunately, I am unable to return the favor, but readily give monetary donations for the same.  Keep up the good work and God Bless!!!!!

Thanks Daisy, there are not that many activities where you know you are making a difference to others. One is being part of a service organisation such as Scouts or Guides. Another is being a Blood Donor. While you might never hear how you helped somebody you know that what you are giving will end up helping somebody, and it just might be somebody in a situation like yours where it saved a life. What better activity could there be than that?

That's why I am a participant, it is also why I am on the Bone Marrow Registry (at least till I turn 55), if I get called in to donate my marrow I know it is going to hurt like crazy but I also know that I am the one thing left between them and death, and no amount of pain can stop me doing what I can to help.

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