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Jan 13, 2005
While talking with Monaco today I asked how they would recommend feeding a couple of coaxes from a roof-mounted DW dish into the coach. After discussing a few options, they suggested running them down the refridgerator vent pipe. I took a quick look at the back of my refridgerator and I see an insulated pipe which goes directly up to the roof.

Has anyone routed coax or any other wires this way? Where do the wires exit the pipe to enter the coach? Are there any heat problems (does the duct get hot) which would affect the wires or be a potential fire hazard?

I believe Terry B has his cables routed through the refer vent.  I would have done this but on our coach I was able to route them down through the rear end cap and back up to the area where the desk is through the frame where other cables are run.

Thanks Ron. Hopefully Terry will jump in and share his experience.
Motosat routed my 2 internet and 4 TV coax cables through the frige vent 4 yrs ago. No trouble with that since.

When Lazy Days installed my Motosat on the Dream, they ran the cable trough the roof right next to the dish. Not sure what they did inside but I was able, with Terry B's help, to run a second cable through the same hole and into the a/c vent. This ran forward to just before the front seats. At that point the ceiling section is removable. It was an easy task to run it from there to the overhead where the receiver is located.

Another method I think will work is to run the lead along the roof until you are above the receiver location. then you can run it through the roof. Wiremold makes a decent plastic strip you can attach to the roof and lay the cable inside. It has a snap on cover. A little sealant on the front edge should hold the cover in place.
That's certainly another option Jim, especially if I mount the DW dish between the two a/c units. The wires from the existing King Dome go through the front cap to the area behind the front TV, and that would make it easy to route to an upper cabinet where I could locate the modem (hopefully I have enough room in the cabinet).

I could tell that the Monaco guy was as paranoid about leaks from "new" holes in the roof as I am. He even fax'd me a roof diagram showing the location of the metal cage, so I could screw the baseplate of the antenna into a "rafter".
Thanks Russ and Jim. The refridgerator vent option should make it really easy to route wires through adjacent cabinets to the desk area and the modem could sit on the same tray as the printer.

I have run my Direcway & solar cables through the refrig vent. After removing the vent cap there is room to fish the wires along the side.

I don't know why you & the Monaco rep are so paranoid about a 1/2" hole through the roof...You have several 14"x14" holes from your AC's, roof vents, shower dome, 3-4" holes for your gray/black vents you have a large hole for your refrig vent, holes for TV,CB,radio antennas & holes for your air horns & floodlight if you have one. Believe me your roof looks like Swiss Cheese.<G>

With Terry's advice I ran a second cable from our LNB to Tivo using a hole already in our front cap. It was an easy job. 

No problems with leaks while  in QZ or El Centro so far. (Hasn't rained here in three months.  8) 8)
I don't know why you & the Monaco rep are so paranoid about a 1/2" hole through the roof.

LOL Terry, it sure is illogical. I'd been paranoid because we lost the entire roof on our Pace Arrow due to undetected leak(s). But I'd finally gotten over it and called Monaco to figure out where I'd be able to run the wires, so I could drill the hole in the correct place. That's when I got the reaction I did and he started looking for alternatives. He was also concerned about the mounting screws for the dish roof mount, mainly that wind would put some stress on the screws and being another potential source for a leak. He sounded like me six months ago  ;D  That's when he offered to fax me the roof diagram so I could see where the cross-members of the cage are ("rafters" as he called them).

My two choices for the twin coaxes now are:

  • Alongside the refrig vent, per your suggestion.
  • In the same or adjacent hole as the TV wires in the front cap.

I guess I should have decided to do this at QZ. One guy there was going around offering to drill free holes in roofs - see photo ;D  BTW I can't recall if I asked you what you used to seal the hole in Jim's roof/cap. If you told me, I've forgotten what it was  :-[

Thanks to all who responded.


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One guy there was going around offering to drill free holes in roofs - see photo

Look very closely at the look of complete joy on Terry's face.  That is not work.  That is what he lives for and I am not the one to deny him achieving this sense of satisfaction. ;)  But it does keep me busy coming up with new projects.
LOL Jim, Terry really does live for the joy of drilling holes in other folks' coaches.
LOL Karl. Ask a silly question and I get a silly answer  ;D

>> BTW I can't recall if I asked you what you used to seal the hole in Jim's roof/cap.<<

I always use the self leveling sealant on the horizontal surfaces....Dicor, Sicoflex(sp) Acrylar(sp) or any of the variants, they all work the same. I also like to pre-drill the holes fill them with sealant insert the fasteners & then put a dab(glob) of sealant on top of them.

Thanks Terry. I just need to remember the names when I visit the store.
Tom  Heck they drilled a hole right next to the one in the cap for the the dish.  The 2nd hole is for the 2nd cable with the new LNB(?) and it was filled with GOO  Well in sure don't leak but they never did get the dish to work.  Neither Dish Network nor Direct TV.  Now the  are blaming it on Wingard.  Whatever, it sure don't leak.
I just want to make it clear, that if it were not for guys like Terry and Wally helping me get things done, or better yet, doing the job, my travel would be no where near as enjoyable as it is.  I tease a lot, but deep down, I am really appreciative. 

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