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Sep 7, 2006
Palm Beach, Florida
I have a 2005 34N Hurricane and above the drivers seat, in the cabinet there is a spot to hook-up my DirecTV receiver which is wired to my control center( front TV, back TV, DVD, CATV etc...). I've been wiring my dish to my CATV connections outside which works, but I would like to wire it using the Sat connection correctly. The manufacture says its for the roof mount sat system and despite my best efforts they could not tell me where on the roof it connect. I get its for the roof mount sat, but where does it wire into the RV from the roof? Does it connect to the same coax as the antenae? I don't see any other coax on the roof? I go to a lot of races and my sat dish needs to be on the roof and I was thinking I could wire it into the RV from there. Any help? Whats the path?

If using a Wineguard antenna it's possible it won't work on Direct TV nor Dish.  Mine wouldn't and the tech told me many of them don't.  Possible you have to change dishes.  Best I can offer I know nothing about that kind of stuff.  But Ned will probbly jump in here and straighten it out for you.
The Winegard antennas work just fine with DirecTV and Dish.  You do need the correct LNB but it's unlikely you would buy a roofmount satellite antenna with the wrong LNB.  What may not work is multiple satellites or HDTV as these require an elliptical dish and multiple LNBs.

Do you already have a roofmount satellite antenna, and if so, what is the make and model?  If not, the RV may be prewired for it but the cables are often difficult to locate.  In that case, the installer will run new cables to the receiver compartment.
Check your roof, How many holding tanks do you have 2,3? how many vents 3,4?  My rig has one vent more than it has tanks,  the additional vent is for the roof mount satallite.

2: Forget the RG-59 the company put in and run brand new RG-6, specifically Belden's better RG-6 (They make 2 flavors) I don't care what they say, IT WORKS BETTER
They placed a new LNB oln my Sat and tried diosh Ne  Worked on it 2 1/2 days ------  Nothing  Then tried Direct
TV for Day 1/2  Nothing.  So I gave up. 

I suspect they didn't really know what "they" were doing.  It had nothing to do with the Winegard dish, I'm sure.
Doesn't  matter don't watch enough TV to warrant it anyway.  Just saved me some Bucks./
Agreed Shayne. We go places where there isn't any TV so we listen to the radio. If that is dead, then SHort Wave. If nothing...we read and write. I enjoy writing in solitude. Next great book coming up:))))
Heck I can always plug in a John Wayne Video  or "Tape with Maureen O'Hara  and fallin love with her all over again for umteenth time.  The Quiet Man or my favorite  McClintok.

To try a little more troubleshooting:

Assuming the sat antenna is still connected to the coax.

When your Directv receiver is connected to the correct cable coming from your sat antenna you should be able to take a signal meter or audio detector up to the sat antenna and connect it in line to the LNB. Whether the LNB is working or not you should get a tone or signal indication from the receiver which provides power to the LNB, if you don't you might try connecting all other coaxes  coming into your switching box to the Direct receiver and check for signal indication on the roof.

We purchased a used Pace Arrow that had a Wineguard on the roof and the sat antenna cable was not marked.  I spent several hours figuring out which cable was the correct one as I had four cables coming into the box, 1, antenna, 2. coach cable connection, 3. rear TV cable, and 4. the Sat cable. IIRC I was trying to get a sat signal out of the cable extension.<grin>
On our Pace Arrow, I removed the frame around the front of the TV and it exposed the line coming from the dish.  In fact I went so far as to replace it.

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