Satilite Dish TV Physical hook-up

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Sep 15, 2005
Is it as simple as it appears to hook-up Satilite TV for on the go service in the RV?  I have both Direct and Dish network at home and office respectively and could transfer either reciever with little difficulty.  Is all I do is get a dish that matches the reciever and point it at the satilite and "plug&play" as it were?  I have heard several of you refer to national coverage plans and RV plans all that necessary or am I not getting the point?  Please unconfuse hurts.
Not at all difficult to aim a DTV or a Dish satellite antenna.  Easier if you have an indicator to measure signal strength while setting up an antenna.  Some folks have a manual set up on their roof and others carry a antenna in the bay or have an automatic dish setup on the roof.
Basically you can move a receiver from you house to the RV.  However if you travel too far from home you will loose the local channels.

Hope this helps.
I have a manually aimed antenna mounted on the roof of the motor home.  It has an elevation indicator.  I crank up the antenna to the elevation the receiver tells me is appropriate for my location, then manually rotate the antenna to the indicated azimuth.  It rarely takes more than 30 seconds to locate the satellite and peak the signal.

Pointing a portable antenna is a bit more difficult, but if you get it level and it has an accurate elevation scale, it, too, is quite easy to aim.

As for coverage, you can use your home receiver in your RV but you won't get the local channels if you go more than a couple hundred miles from home.  You won't get the national networks (called Distant Network Service or DNS) unless the receiver is permanently installed in the RV and you don't get the local channels on that account.
Ned....So what do you get if you are say...300 miles from home???
We don't get any local channels. We've had the distant network feeds for over 8 years.

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