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Feb 11, 2011
when I was at a nascar track.  I tried to find the owner but I think he was drunk.  Anyhow it was like some sort of mesh and it had these little booties that covered the wiper blades as well. When it was on the whole windshield was blocked from the outside.  It was on a $200,000 rig.  I was wondering this....  Is this only for a few day thing or is this a better way of long term coverage.  I park my RV in a field behind my friends house.  The trees shade it a tad but all I do is pull my curtain when its stored.  Do I need to be covering the whole windshield to protect it?  My unit is a 2002 and I would like to keep it as nice as I can.  Yes it sits outside but its waxed and the tires are covered.  Thats really all I can do since I don't have covered storage.  Some advice on the topic above would be appreciated.
I have coverings for my Windshield, side windows closest to the front (the ones that are covered by the inside night curtain) and Wipers covers. I would not be without them for the following reasons:

1.  It is cooler on the inside. it actually does deflect the sun.

2.  No one can see in during the day and you can see out (not so at night so you will still have to use your draw curtains).

3. Protects the Wiper Blades from UV, RV Blades are not cheap.

4. Keeps the sun from rotting your draw curtains so quickly.

I also have MaxAir covers on my Fantastic Fans so that I can lift Vent covers while I am stored.  They also let me run the Bath Fan during and after showering even though it is raining. 
I second what Walt said plus this. I used an outside cover on my 06' Itasca for 4 years and it worked great. It was by "Prompt RV Sunscreens" and attached with suction cups and a rubber strap to secure it to the rig. I still have it, but don't use it as much now that the 10' Journey has an inside MCD shade on the front windshield.

I still may use it this summer on the West coast if I get into some real hot weather.  I recommend them highly.

I really want to have one made for my RV. I've asked around and there are several places out west and down south that will to your RV, measure it, and then install it for you. It can be attached with snaps or turnkeys. I think they are a great way to help save the interior from UV damage. Most of the ones I've seen have a label in a lower corner that you can get a name or number off of. I've been told you can call the companies and they will send you one specificlly for your RV but it's better to have them measure and intall it to make sure you have a proper fit. I still don't have one yet  :(

I bought my RV in NY and asked about them when I about it. No one knew what I was talking about. I went back this winter and had some work done at the same dealer and asked again if they knew anyone local that made these. The woman in the parts department looked totally confused when I descibed what it was and how it worked. Her response was appalling  :mad: "No one here makes things like that. The people around here are stupid and would probably drive away with it still on the window. I'm sure no one wants that kind of liability"

In case anyone is in Syracuse NY, this came from a woman working at Camping World. I won't be buying any camping supplies from them anymore because I'm too stupid to know how to use them properly  ::)
A friend of ours used to travel around the country going to Samborees (rallies) and made the covers custom for each rig at a reasonable cost.  I have lost track of him in the last year but you might check with some of the Good Sam Samborees in you state and see if he or someone is going to be there.  It would be worth the cost of the Samboree to get them done for your rig.  He even does covers for your mirrors.  His name is Lynn Purdy and his company is called "Purdy Good Stuff".
Definitely check Prompt RV Sunscreens.  That's what I use on my Class A.  It attaches with two hooks (one on each side) and no snaps.  You don't want one with snaps because then you need a LADDER to install it.  I can put mine on in about 30 seconds.
We had SunGuard shades made and installed on our coach when we got it in 2003.  We still have them, use them often; and they are still in great shape.  All we had to do was call a dealer, tell them the model/make of the coach and they came out and did the install.  I would suggest you have the dealer install them, they get the fit correct.  Here is the webiste:


I just had a set installed on our bus and they do make a difference in the inside temperature when it is hot outside. We had them custom made in Apache Junction, Arizona and I believe the price was $325.00. Yes we did get the ones with snaps on and yes we do use  ladder to put them on. However they will not move around at all in a very strong wind. They also came with no charge wiper booties.

I have the sunscreens on the outside - the ones that use turn snaps to attach. Is it safe to drive around town (ie. 45 mph or slower) with those attached, or should I removed them every time before moving the coach?

Remove them, they obstruct your vision and you'll certainly get stopped if a cop sees you.
Those of us who spend most of our time in the hot and sunny southwest use our exterior sunscreens all the time.  They help keep the heat out of the RV as well as provide daytime privacy.  We've had several kinds through the years (the ones with snaps) and currently have the ones from RV Sunscreen because they're easy to use and require no ladder.  We've never bothered with covering the windshield wipers and last year replaced them after about seven years.  This is the site:

The comment about driving with them on is really funny.  As soon as the driver sits in the seat she/he sees the screen and knows to remove it!  We have left it on when changing sites or to go to a dump station on the premises.  You can see through the screen quite well for something like that but wouldn't want to actually drive with it on.

Our outside screens are quite heavy, and very effective, but if we tried to drive with them on we'd be IFR :)
I'm new to this but I also wanted something that would give privacy yet protect my dash at the same time. While searching thru various sites I came across a company called  They are a bit pricey but I believe it does a great job of covering the window. In fact, I was at Lazydays campgrounds in Tampa, FL and saw a lot of MH that had them. No pins, snaps or velco needed just magnets and they are a firm hold. They come in a variety of colors and you can even have custom shades with your favorite photos. I'd look into this company. 
We are about to self install our new Sunguard's (~ $300 for front, and both front side windows) with the twist lock fasteners. I'll let you know how smart we were, ladder or no ladder.

We cooked last year in Texas and New Mexico and vowed we would never do that again! We do not overnight a lot, instead staying for a while in most places, so scrambling up and down the ladder periodically did not sound too offensive (that could change).

Most everyone we have spoken with love them (again, except for the ladder thing...)
Real cheap wiper "booties" can be made by taking a 3/4' or 1' piece of foam pipe insulation (8 feet is about $3.00) cutting the lenght needed, slide on the blade where the slit is in the foam.. any color you want as long as it's grey..

Getting out the ladder and taking it around to each side grows thin quickly.  Then there's the ladder safety issue (broken elbow to reinforce issue).  For those two reasons we changed to the less hassle ones.  It actually is easier.  You'll see ours at Moab.

Well, DUH, I know the windshield cover needs to come off, I was referring to the covers on the side windows in the living room and bedroom. :)

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