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Mar 1, 2005
Goodyear, AZ
On our way home from Death Valley/Calico Ghost Town, since we would be traveling thru Parker, AZ called Helaine & Wally to see if they were still there. Stayed overnite at their CRA campground with them and had a lovely visit. Enjoyable happy hour and dinner catching up on the last year.

Driving out of Parker, saw unleaded gas at $2.159 a gallon. WOW.  More than 20? a gallon less than Phoenix.
I expect Wally and Helaine are enjoying their current retirement :)

Gas at Sam's Club in Yuma was $2.199 yesterday.
Guess sitting at home here in theSt Louis Metro area we should feel good about the price $1.97.9    Still too dang high.  Should be $0.48 and take all the Million$ these CEO's are skimming off the top.  Just IMHO.
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