scanner won't install in Sony computer

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
Today I got a Canon LIDE60 scanner.  It installed just fine on my Toshiba laptop, but it refused to install in my Sony desktop.  I had a Visioneer 7300 that also refused to install in the Sony desktop.  Didn't think to blame the computer. 

I did follow the directions correctly to install and remove the Canon driver software the zillion times I tried it.  It's obvious I know how to do it, because I got the Toshiba working fine.

The scanner/camera wizard in Control Panel doesn't even respond to a click to open it.

I downloaded the driver update from the Canon website.  Didn't work.

I emailed Sony, telling them two scanners have refused to install in their computer, and the Canon works fine in the other computer.  All I got back from Sony was disclaimers and the most ridiculous link I've seen in any knowledge base.  The disclaimer, which was canned and reflected the fact that nobody read my email, said Sony isn't responsible for third party hardware or software installations.  Makes sense, except for the fact that no scanners are installing. The link was hilarious, if it weren't so stupid.  The instructions for installing a scanner asked whether the scanner had to be plugged in first, or the software installed first.  I clicked software, and it said to install the software, then plug in the scanner.  Duh. 

All I could think of was that that ridiculous "guide" was their way of reinforcing that they don't provide any help.

To me it sounds like a Sony problem.  Both computers are running the same version of WinXPMCE.  Sony has so much integrated, controlling software, that it may be that a scanner installation is buried someplace in their stuff.  Strange that the Control Panel scanner wizard was dead.

Any suggestions?

I assume that your scanner is a USB device.  If so, try this.....

Unplug the scanner, remove all installed scanner programs in the add/delete window in the control panel.

Reboot the CPU without the scanner installed.

Once you are back up and fully booted, IE little or no hard drive activity, plug in the scanner and let the computer try to detect and install drivers automatically.

Hope this helps and works.

Good luck.  :)
I had a Canon scanner that wouldn't install correctly in one of mysystems either.  It went in but kept causing crashes - probably some sort of driver conflict. I finally sold the scanner and got an HP, which worked fine.  Maybe the canon scan software is a bit unusual and causes problems?  Who knows?

You can be unhappy with Sony but it really isn't their problem. It is software you are installing to make the scanner work and that's a combination of Windows and every other piece of software you have installed in that system. 
I recently dumped a Visioneer scanner because it just refused to install.  For this scanner, I refused to take no from it for an answer.  I restored the entire original system on the computer.  First thing I did after uninstalling the stuff I didn't want was to install the scanner.  It's worked ok a few times now.  I had been meaning to do this restore to clean out some changes I had made. 

I'm working with dual systems now.  I got a laptop a couple weeks ago.  I was surprised at the sense of security it gave me.  I can back up files all I want, but if I don't have a computer to run them, I'm in trouble.  Now I have a convenient desktop that I don't mind in the mh and a laptop when portability is my only option. 

So, naturally, a week or two after I got the laptop, they installed a new wifi router here, and that's working from my site much of the time. 

I also bought a small business grade, powerful wifi receiver that does seem to be better than my built-in wifis.  The technician described it as being in a crowded room.  You can yell across the room, but the one who yells loudest gets heard.  I think that's what this does. 

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