Sealing the Skin

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Sep 23, 2018
Bend, Oregon USA
1971 Tramper (canned ham).

The joints where the siding sections and rear section/front section of the tin meet are caulked heavily, but the caulk is old and disintegrating.

Once I clean off the old, what's the best way to reseal?

I'm thinking a light bead of Proflex RV along the edge beneath the flashing, but should I also use butyl tape at those joints under the flashing?

Your advice is appreciated.

Geocel Proflex is an excellent choice for side seams. So is 3M Body Seam Seal.

I would use butyl tape between the surfaces where two metals are to be pressed tightly together (or metal-to-fiberglass as well), but not if it's just a overlap.
Thank you, Gary.

Looking closer, I see that the back end metal wraps around to overlap the side metal about half an inch. It's stapled down. The trim metal covers that intersection. I guess just Proflex the edge for good measure.
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