Seasonal sites near northwest ohio

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Jul 25, 2005
Anyone know of any good seasonal sites near northwest ohio? Could be lower michigan or north/eastern Indiana.



There may be Forum members who can provide information on the areas in Ohio you're looking for, but in the meantime go to Woodall's Online Search

You may have to register (free) in order to access the RV Campground search engine, but do a search and check off show extended stay campgrounds.

I did a search for Ohio and came up with two places.? Try this

Let us know if you find a place that suits your needs and after visiting the park, post a report on it here on the Forum for the benefit of Forum members.
Barb said:
Shady Creek ( (734)243-2052 ), and Harbortown ( V734.384.4700 ), are open year round with water. Harbortown is off I-75 exit 11 and may have a waiting list.


Thanks. I have looked at Harbortown's website. Looks really nice.

Thanks for the info
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