Serious size limitation

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Apr 18, 2006
How can I search for Class B motorhomes with a maximum height of 7'6" and length of 20'? in St Louis has a great inventory of Class B's.  Would be a good place to start.  Their variety is 2nd to naone that I've seen.  Nice people too.
That link should be
I think your only option would be a pop top like the Volkswagon
Ther is another opeion than just a B.

There are poptop slide-in truck campers -I believe both Lance and Skamper make a model and may others as well.. I saw one at Caballo State Park in NM where some Canadians parked close to us were traveling the southwest and wintering in it. A little small for us, but -30 in Canada can make small and 65 in southern NM seem real big! ;D You'd have to get a truck, but with a diesel for mpg I think you might be in the ballpark height wise. And you could back-country boodock a lot easier.
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