Serpentine Belt for Workhorse Chassis/Motor 8.1L

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Mar 20, 2010
Where does a person purchase a spare Serpentine Belt for a Workhorse Chassis motor? I looked all through my owners manual and could not even find where it even mentioned Serpentine Belt let alone a part number for one!  :eek:

Scott  :)
One word of warning... From what I have determined on other forums Workhorse, or rather GM, who made the engine, used TWO DIFFERENT belts on that engine, One is longer,, Do your very best to get the number off the belt.

Mine came from NAPPA by the way.  (Just put a new on on last month).

Time to cut the remains of 1/2 of the old one off the fan (Lying on my back under the motor home) about 1-2 hours.

Time to replace the  belt (Professional job parked over a lub-pit) 30 minutes.
This post,  even though old, was a lifesaver today. Shreded a serpentine belt on my 2004 Adventurer on the on ramp to 95 South in Yemassee, SC. Local ******* store couldn't find the application. I gave them the GoodYear number from this thread, they crossed it over to their  number, it fit, and back on the road!
Thanks to all who contribute!
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