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Aug 5, 2006
I have to go out and buy a new sewer hose.  How long should it be?  I see some as short as 5'.  That doesn't seem to make much sense to me.
Also I hear folks mention about dumping the black water first followed by the grey water.  It makes sense but I have 2 seperate drains?  I am sure this seems silly, but I would rather ask now than wait till I need something nand dont have it
Leo ???
Hi Leo,

A number of us here carry two 10' lengths of sewer hose. In some places 10' is fine, in others it's not.

Usually the black and gray tanks both empty via the same external drain pipe, but they'll have their own valves just above the drain. The larger one will be for the black waste.
You must have a 5ver or possibly a TT.  with 2 drains stll use 1 drain hose and always empty ther blk water 1st using the gray to help rise the hose.  Some people do make up a wye (Y) and then drain the same way.  But then the blk portion of the Y maintains the germs and what ever in the hose.  As Tom says most carry 20'  some of us always seem to have an extra  just in case 1 springs a leak. 
I would recommend getting a 10' Rhino sewer hose, it is semi-rigid and can be extended from about 3' to 10' and will hold it's shape.  Then get a regular 10' hose and the necessary fittings to connect the 2 when a longer run is needed.  In most campsites, the Rhino hose is all you'll need.  You can use the blue Camco fittings with the Rhino hose.  They also make a 15' length.

An option to the Rhino hose is the Dupree, it's very similar.
Oops, I misunderstood the 2 drains question and wasn't thinking of a 5er. Thanks for the clarification Shayne.
No problem "Tom  If I recall correctly  a lot of Gulfstream campers use them on 5vers.  Looks stupid  so I guess that's why I remembe them,

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