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Sep 7, 2010
I have a 95 adventurer.  I have been reading about shocks, its almost as fun as the oil threads.  My adventurer is 30' long, it doesn't weigh a whole lot.  I have heard Bilstein shocks are good but they are spendy and some say that the lighter coaches ride rough.  I am wondering if anyone has used the monroe gas shocks and what your opinions are.  They seem reasonably priced and have decent reviews for a lighter coach.

Any opinions would help.

I put Monroe gas shocks on my '97 Bounder and like the ride.  I also added air bags which made a greater Improvement.
It's more important that the shocks be well-matched to the suspension than to pick a brand.  That said, Monroe's tend to be tuned a bit softer than Bilsteins, and the Konis are generally stiffer yet (except that the adjustable Koni's can be adjusted somewhat to your preferences).  Then there are also Sachs, Gabriel, Coumbia, etc. that may also have shocks designed for your particular chassis.
I can't attest to the ride quality of the Monroe's on a RV.  But as a car enthusiast, and an ex-mechanic, the Bilsteins are definitely a higher quality shock.  Hence, the higher cost.  You get what you pay for.  Don't confuse the ride you are accustom to with the old shocks with a new level of comfort attributed to new shocks.  Which is exactly what most new purchasers of shocks do when they take their ride out for the first time after installation.  Koni's are even stiffer yet.  But are considered close to the top amongst us car enthusiest for quality.  Ride quality also depends a great deal on the quality of the tires and the condition of an aging suspension also.  Rubber bushings get hard, springs loose their memory, etc,...

Air ride would be the way to go if possible if looking for the best quality of ride. 

I haven't used Monroe's for several years, and probably will never purchase another set. The last couple of sets I purchased were terrible, and the last set I removed and returned. I've been using Gabriel shocks now and am pretty happy with them. I've had them on my last 2 p30 chassis coachs. Konis are also very good shocks for a moderate cost. I believe monroes have valving issues, way too stiff for my likings.

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