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Dec 23, 2012
Montana in Summer - S CA this winter
It is hard to summarize working for 7 years in Alaska as a fishing guide, but you can rest assured that my customers caught a ton of fish over the years, some days better than others but always fish in the boat. I was also lucky to be able to do some fishing myself while there and below are a few of my better ones.

I worked as a Guide at a top notch - remote fishing lodge with some of the best fishing in SE Alaska. It is Yes Bay Lodge and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants a very nice Alaska Fishing Vacation. Go to

Anyway if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask...I work for the Lodge year round and even though I won't be returning next year as a guide (going to a different part of Alaska, my choice) I still will be working for the Lodge as their webmaster and in reservations and sales and marketing.





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You have a great website with gorgeous pictures!! Alaska fishing is on our bucket list!
Mary Jane said:
You have a great website with gorgeous pictures!! Alaska fishing is on our bucket list!

You are too kind...I love fishing, love photography and spent over 30 years in the commercial printing business much of it as a Graphic Designer, so I enjoy making my websites look very good....

When you are ready to plan that bucket list trip, let me know...Alaska is my all time favorite place to fish and the scenery is amazing. Plus there are a ton of fish there, they almost jump in the boat!


Wigpro- absolutely awesome pictures! Though I've never been there, I had a buddy who goes religiously every year. And every year when he gets back, he tries to hand me a bag of big beautiful salmon filets. And I always hand them back, and tell him, "You know what I want!". And he goes back to the freezer and brings out my bag of lingcod, rockfish, and halibut.
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