Shuttle launch campgrounds?

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Ian H

Well-known member
Mar 23, 2005
With only one week before shipping i was thinking of watching the launch of the shuttle.
Is there a recomended campground to be able to see the launch or is it just aswell to watch
it on tv.I have been told you need tickets and are 3 miles away and can`t see anything anyway,is this correct?

Ken & Sheila

Site Team
Mar 5, 2005

I hope some of our TGO residents respond with specifics, but we parked on the west side of the Indian River, nose of the motorhome pointed at the launch site for a night launch back in 96 or 97. It was not marked, but it was private property. Owner came around and collected $15. Set the alarm, went to bed and got up for the launch (with the coffee ready). Around us were many who sleep in or on their cars - it was a copld night. Kinda felt bad sitting in the heated MH drinking our coffee. BG

The launch was fantastic.

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