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Mar 14, 2005
Just discovered the RV park in Sierra Vista is closing doors 4/30.  Therefore, our choice is either Mountain View RV Park or Tombstone Territories RV Resort.  Any yay's or nay's on either one?  Any other suggestions?  I suggested Kartchner State Park but husband said no. 


Pueblo Del Sol is a very nice park, we were sorry to hear they're closing.  We've stayed there several times, the last time for 2 months and I installed the WiFi in the clubhouse with the 3 computers.

Tombstone Territories is nice, but it's 20 miles to anything.  I'm not familiar with Mountain View but perhaps Fred T. will be able to comment on that one.
Pueble del Sol is closing its doors May 1, so if your coming in April, your in luck.

Mountain View is nice, gravel, but sites are close.  We looked into this a few years ago, and things may have changed by now.  It's directly  behind RV World, (dealership on Hwy 90)  and hard to spot.  There is a road, just at the south end of the RV display.  If you go too fast you'll miss it.  That's in Huachucha City, much closer than Tombstone Territories.

Tombstone Territories is better, but as Ned said it's in the middle of nowhere. 

The Caverns, just west of Hwy 90 on Hwy 82.  Adequate.  Two week stay only, but they will honor any club discount you have, so pick the one with the biggest discount.  I think they will only honor Passport America for a couple of days, not the full two weeks.

Most of the others around Sierra Vista are dumps, a very few are doable, for a short stay.
Whenare you planning on coming.  We live here.

Daisy T
Were able to make reservations at Pueblo Del Sol.  She said they are closing 5/15.  Not sure if we'll be in the midst of a max exodus but at least it gives us a few days in Sierra Vista and we can check out other locations.  We check in on the 20th.  Thanks for imput.
We are currently at Tombstone Territories and it is a wonderful park.  Beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the mountains and very quiet.  Their sites are very large and easy in/easy out.  All sites have views of the mountains.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and took a down day yesterday so we have not ventured out yet to see how long it takes us to get to Sierra Vista, Tombstone, etc. but IMHO I would rather have to drive a little further to get the peace and serenity of this park.  There probably aren't 2 dozen RVs here and they have spread us out.  Also, they are Passport America RV park and honor the rate for 7 days.



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