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Kim (skyking4ar2) Bertram

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Jun 16, 2010
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I have been having some unusual readings (or so they seem to me) for transmission temps lately and then a random check engine light or two.

Since I had been wanting some better instrumentation anyway, I had SilverLeaf send me the VMSpc and installed it fine on my laptop and it connected fine, readings look fine.  ;D

What I really wanted to do, and thought I had it set up to do, was to record several of the available metrics so I could replay them on a histogram and try to analyze what was going on over time. Well, that did not work and I guess they did not record, or maybe I misunderstood the feature.  :'(

So if some of you who have the product can enlighten me on how to record events and capture them to a log, preferably logging every trip, I am here to be schooled.  8)
Kim, send me your email address and I'll send you the VMSpc manual that describes how to set up the logging among other things.

But here's the pertinent section on logging:

"Data Logging
This feature allows you to create ongoing data log  files that you can load into a spread-
sheet and use to analyze vehicle performance in great detail.
To create a log, select ?Advanced? and ?Data Logging? to bring up the Data Log Settings
dialog box.  Select the items you wish to track in the parameter list - you may select as many as
you wish.  Select a time interval between entries - each entry will be one line in the log file.  Give
the log file a name - you can click ?Select File? to bring up a file dialog box and select an existing
file graphically.
Finally, click ?Start?.  You can then select Ok and watch the main VMSpc screen - the
program will log the data whether or not this box is being displayed.  To end the logging, open the
box again and click ?Stop?.
You can view your log file by clicking ?View Log?.  The log file is a simple text file, with each
entry being a single line within the file.  The most recent entry will be at the end of the file.  Clicking
?Clear Log? will clear out the file to prepare it for another try.  If you don?t click ?Clear Log?, you
can have multiple runs in a single file.
There are several ways to get this raw data into a spreadsheet, and the precise directions
vary from program to program.  Many programs allow you to simply cut-and-paste the data.  Click
on ?View Log?, then in the editor menu select ?Edit? and ?Select All?, then ?Edit? and ?Copy?.  In
your spreadsheet, select ?Edit? and ?Paste?.
If your spreadsheet doesn?t parse the data into columns as you expect, you may need to
the program?s Import procedures.  This procedure varies considerably from program to program.
But the key fact you need to know is that the VMSpc output is a ?Comma-Delimited ASCII? file."

I thought that's what I did, but do can you do it before you start up and still have it log, or do you have to start the engine, then start the logging feature?

If that is the PDF manual that comes with the software, that's what I have.


I would think you could set up the log first, but I've only done it when the engine is running.

You probably have the latest manual.

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