Skamper Sat for 2 Years

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winstons mom

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Sep 23, 2006
Hello, I have enjoyed camping all of my life but have recently changed my method of camping and would appreciate any help that anyone feels like talking about.  Most of my childhood life was spent camping in a cabin on the river.  After getting married we camped in a tent with the kids and now that they are gone we are now in a 1993 Skamper 175 T travel trailer.  I like tent camping but had a chance to get the TT for a good price and was thinking about these 'ole bones and the future so I guess I'll get use to it.  I really don't know much about campers and don't have a manual for the TT.  It has set for 2 years.  The last time it was used everything was working but not too sure after setting what to expect.  Most of the time we well be "down on the river" so the only power supply will be battery or generator and propane tanks. ???  Thanks, Jamie

It would be worth your while to spend a weekend at a campground close to home for a weekend to test all the systems and appliances.? In addition considering the age of your Skamper and the fact it sat idle for two years, the wheel bearing should be examined and lubricated.

Flush out the hot water tank, because there may be some scale and residue at the bottom, and sanitize the entire water system.? Click Here for details on procedure.

I would also suggest having the propane system inspected by a competent technician for leaks and correct operation.

If you will be camping using a portable generator, if your trailer does not already have then, install a carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector, and buy a foam fire extinguisher to keep inside your trailer.
Steve, thanks for the info.  We live about 2 miles from where we would be camping.  We already have the 2 detectors and the exten.  We know that the refridg and air conditioner work.  We had planned on sanitizing the water system.  Lord knows what is in there. :eek:  Wheel bearings have been checked and packed.  Thanks!
Would this water system need sanitizing even if she were not planning to use the water tank, but was going to use water piped in from a campground?  I'm trying to figure out if contamination just grows in the tank itself or in the hoses and lines.

Water borne organisms migrate throughout a system, even if one thinks part of the system is isolated.  Organisms migrate through valves, so the entire system of an RV should be sanitized a couple of times a year.

The most likely cause of illness for RVers is water borne illness.  All possible precautions should be taken, including filtering incoming water from any source, including campgrounds.  We cannot assume any source of water is sound.  I triple filter our incoming water with two filters at the inlet of the coach and one filter at the faucet for drinking water.

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