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Jun 12, 2015
Ok so we took the plunge and bought a new 5ver. Now I need to get names of companies that make skirting for it. Google search doesn't give many at all and most are way out west. I'm going to be in NW Indiana for several months. You'd think that skirt makers would be thick in that area. Anyway if you've had skirting made please chime in and let me know if you're happy or not and what you'd do/get different if you bought again.



Skirting isn't RV specific - most are designed for mobile homes or fixed homes with crawl spaces rather than basements. Try Googling for mobile home skirt and you will probably get more hits.  Some people just use bales of hay!

RV-specific stuff is usually wheel covers and the storage "garage" that can be attached under the nose of a 5W.
I've heard about people using bales of hay as well, and while the bales would provide excellent insulation, I'd be concerned about creating an easy path for rodents and other critters.
When the OP said skirting, I thought of the fabric type, not mobile home skirting. The only way I know to get that is by one of the online sites. The only other option is to find a canvas shop to custom make the skirting.

This is one I have considered:
We have decided to go with mobile home skirting because we own our lot, and don't plan on moving our fiver.
Assuming you mean vinyl fabric skirting, pretty much any tarp and awning shop will make skirting for you, and they are found in many towns. Look for the guys who do boat covers and truck tarps. Generally you take the unit to their shop, they measure, you go home u til they have it done, then you return and they install the snaps and the skirting. Remove skirting, drive home, and reinstall.
Yeah I definitely meant canvas/vinyl skirting. Most rv parks I've been in won't let you do hay bales mostly for the fire hazard factor. Besides I want something reusable. I've been using foam board insulation which is a pain not to mention looks like hell. The the skirting I can use it all year long and put my kayak under the camper out of sight as well as other things.

I'll look at the place kgbgoat linked to tomorrow. There's a place called sharps tarps that has a pretty cool system with rings built in at the bottom to secure it  to stop wind from getting under it. Critters to I'd imagine. Also a company that uses a channel instead of snaps/toggles to secure the top. I've only found 3 so far and there all far away. I don't mind buying once and crying once but I expect quality for the price since it will be used for years to come.
I figured you wanted at least vinyl sheet (rigid) or the so-called eco-stone composite sheets.

Maybe something like this vinyl:

Or maybe this faux stone type:
I echo the local mom and pop tent and awning shop.  If you know what you want, including how to attach, bottom rings, opening locations, etc, they can make it to fit your rig in your choice of fabrics.  If you can dream it, they can make it.

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