slide out stuck

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Mar 30, 2010
1996 40' Bounder slide out extended about 4'' and stopped, hydraulic pump can't push it any more won't retract either. Is a way to manually extend it? Thanks
Before you worry about getting it out, I would look everything over real well and figure out why it is stuck. Start by looking on the inside and make sure nothing fell in the way of it moving, then go outside and underneath and check for things like bent rods or slider bushing out of the track. If all looks ok, have someone hit the switch in and out while you are looking underneath, see if you can find the reason it is binding. If it is not binding on anything check the fluid level.

If the motor is still running there is gonna be another issue.

If the motor does not run, check the fuses.
X2 on looking for objects. When I had mine in for service for something else we got on the conversation and the tech said I wouldn't believe what they find jamming slides - especially in the bedroom.  :)
One time I had a bag of dog food get between the slide and the wall when I was extending. Did not do much to the food but bent the molding on my brand new coach. Not happy.
My wife and I crushed a two week old lap top while bring in our slide.  It didn't take long to find the problem.  No insurance, and so I'm making monthly payments on a non-existent lap top. 

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