Slider hitch for a F150 Super Crew with 5.5 ft bed

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Mar 3, 2006
I have a 2002 F150 SuperCrew with a 5.5 ft bed.  I have found a Fullrite 12K Super Glider hitch.  Pullrite says this type of hitch will work well with the 5.5 ft bed on my truck.  Is there anyone that has used this combination???? Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
That's a nice hitch but VERY expensive.  If you are willing to trip the slide lever yourself rather than relying on the automatic action of the SuperGlide, you could save about $800-900.  RBW, Reese and Drawtite all make manual release slide hitches.

With your 5.5 foot bed, you will definitely want a sliding type hitch, though.
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