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aging rocker

Feb 8, 2019
Hello, everyone. We are absolute RV virgins. We have camped, both tent and single room cabins, and have always envied the RVers with their private bathroom and air conditioning.

As we near retirement (3-5 years) we have started to discuss what we want to do. With a government pension, retirement savings (401 and 403), as well as some investment property we should be OK but not wealthy. Since we both grew up military and I have been transferred several times as an adult, we don't really have any roots nor is there a desire to be in one spot forever.

Over the last couple of months we have discussed RVing full-time as one option. The idea of living somewhere new every month or so just sounds awesome.

We are here to learn and gather information. We will probably ask a thousand questions because we don't even know what we don't know.
Welcome to the RV Forum aging rocker

Your off to a good start....Research and learn before you spend your money. I will also suggest you look into renting a RV to try out the lifestyle. You will learn a lot about what you will want and what you NEED.

Feel free to ask questions and make use of the library link above.
Welcome  to the Forum. Full timing is a very liberating lifestyle, but it's not for everyone. Since you were military you are probably not overly attached to "stuff".  Living and traveling in a  RV is a very minimalist lifestyle. We have been doing it for most of 10+ years and love it. We are traveling in a 40' diesel pusher motor home, so we are also not roughing it.  We did start out 20+ years ago in a small travel trailer, and the more we did it and loved it, the  bigger the rigs got. 

Look around the forum, ask questions and visit the Library section for lots of other good info. There is a lot to know,  but don't worry, we were all newbies once!
Welcome "aging rocker" (nice username ;)) ... glad to have you on the forum! Your thousands of questions are more than welcome, as RV'ing can have somewhat of a high learning curve but gets much easier as you go. There are RV owners and dreamers here from all walks of live, and all levels of experience. So no matter where you fall, you are not alone! :)

Feel free to browse the forum's extensive archive of threads, jump into any ongoing conversations, or post new questions of your own when (notice I said "when" not "if) they come up.
Welcome to the forum!  Just read the posts as they appear and you'll be experts in no time!
I?m a full-timer-wannabe in the early stages of my RV search. I attended my second RV show in as many weeks yesterday. I had to keep going back and looking at and sitting in these units multiple times before I began forming a vision of my ideal ideal RV (for me it was a lot about the floor plan). In the process I?ve changed my mind at least five times re: the make and model of travel travel trailer that I?m interested in.  But with each new visit to an RV dealer and each new bit of information gathered from the Internet, I seem to be coming a little closer to a clear choice.  All I can say is that the journey is worth taking your time on. Good luck!!
Reedhoppa said: ideal ideal RV (for me it was a lot about the floor plan).

Indeed, which you'll see/hear over and over again on the forum. Budget, floorplan, options, and condition (when buying used) are far more important than year/make/model.
@Arch Hoagland

I haven't been in an RV since middle school. Spent most of my early adult years in the military (moving a lot) then couldn't afford one. We bought a tent on clearance at Target many years ago that we used for about 10 years. Since then, we have limited our vacation time to hotels/resorts.
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