Soft spot in floor at LR slide

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Nov 2, 2012
Hi all
This spot is in the floor at the edge of the slide where the table and chairs are. It is not the slide floor but where the slide comes over the living room floor. I do not know what caused it, maybe the slide room seal or something else. It is a 2004 Fleetwood Terry Quantum 350RLDS. Has any one had any experience with a repair such as this and how hard would it be to fix it? Thanks in advance for your help.
Yes, I had several spots on my floor next to the slide openings I had to replace. They were quite rotten under the wall itself so I simply cut out a piece of manageable size, worked it out from under the wall. I then installed a couple of cleats on the underside of the floor always working from the inside. I cut out a new piece of plywood large enough to slide under the wall again as well as filling the hole I had made, sat it on the cleats and screwed it down. Filled any cracks will body filler as it was to be covered over anyway.

If the spot is simply soft, not rotten, dry it out and pour on a wood hardener until it will no longer take any more. I had to do this on a large area under the kitchen counter where it was not practical to cut out. I used a body filler compound over that to bring back the level. Hardener and filler were bought at Ace Hardware.

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