Solar on Jayflight 2007?

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Oct 10, 2012
Livermore, Colorado
Just purchased a Jayco 2007, 23 footer. The solar worked at dealers, but isn't working now. I turned on the inverter at the front, is there something else I need to do inside? I see the battery charge indicator panel on the wall inside..ect. What should it be set on?  :p Sorry to be so goofy!
The only "goofy" questions are the ones you do not ask!!

Not sure how the two relate here. The solar panel is likely a small trickle charger for the battery. It is designed to MAINTAIN a fully charged battery as it is too small to do anything else. What indication do you have that it is no longer working??

As far as the "inverter" is concerned, I am sure you mean the CONVERTER. An inverter is connected to 12V (battery) and puts out 120V AC to run, for example , a TV set while not plugged in to a power source. The CONVERTER, on the other hand is connected to 120V when the trailer is plugged in and outputs 12V to charge the battery and help run all the other 12V things in the trailer like lighting, furnace, Fridge and Water heater control boards etc.

Few trailers are equipped with an inverter other than the small ones intended for operating a TV, almost all have a converter. There are larger Inverters that can charge batteries however, but they are not usually found in small trailers.

I am not familiar with a Jayflight trailer though, perhaps someone who is will pop in and explain the panel in question.
Thanks Stew! ;) I actually called the dealer and you were right about everything! (You sly dog you!)
I was expecting the lights to come on after having the inverter on for about an hour. The dealer also told me that solar only puts amps into the battery and is used for keeping a good charge and that charge won't even be enough to turn on the lights until 4 to 5 days of good sunlight! DUH! Thanks for explaining things more fully to me. I'm a quick study! ~Karen
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