Sold the MH, feels weird, but...

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Dec 17, 2013
Took a trip up into Wyoming over the fourth to family get together at Grandson?s cabin. Towed the CJ5 because have to set up coach about a mile from cabin in boonies. Only 150 miles up there.
  On the way back, we got to talking about selling MH. Decided when we got home, we would take out what we wanted to keep, clean up coach, and stick a for sale sign on it. Left most all the cookware, linen, spare parts, a lot of tools, and ect. in it. Loaded all the tow gear, tow bar, two baseplates and all accessories, BrakeBuddy, all straps and accessories for tow dolly, in rear compartment, and hooked up tow dolly. Put a for sale sign in the window with price and phone number.
  Well, for the first time in 58 years of marriage, we don?t have a tent, or a slide in, or a pop up, or a bumper pull, or a class c, or a class a. It?s a strange feeling. A couple came by and bought the whole shootin? match
Didn?t haggle about the price, (I voluntarily knocked off $500 because they took everything)  didn?t want to drive it, just asked if we would deliver it the next day 70 mlles away.
  So, I think it?s the end of an era. Pack light, take the Tahoe, and stay in the best motels. Then, last night while I was watching one of my recordings of early 2 1/2 men (or was it Hee Haw?), the DW wife comes in carrying her IPad and says ? Honey, have you seen these Roadtrek class b outfits??
    Maybe it?s not over yet.


Jan 13, 2005
Congrats on the sale. Lots of great memories.


May 14, 2018
Jubileee, take a peek at Leisure Travel Vans.

I have been looking at class B's and B+'s and ran across Leisure Travel vans.  They are a little wider and still compact.  You actually get a normal size dry bathroom.

The front twin bed design has caught my attention (Ford diesel chassis).  I think there might be a couple of new floor-plans coming down the pike but the 'front' twin-bed design would work for us for short trips.  The rear twin bed design is interesting but the closet is under the beds which I don't care for.

Congratulations on the sale!



Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Congrats!  We went thru that 18 months ago and are still happy with the decision, even though once in a while we say "would be nice to have the motorhome" for this or that (and for just a couple days).  The memories, though, are still frequent and precious!  Still get the weird feeling when I look out into the side yard at home where our Rvs always sat. Seems empty...


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Aug 9, 2012
Saint Johns, FL
Mr.Mark said:
Jubileee, take a peek at Leisure Travel Vans.

Yeah, you might enjoy the simplicity for a while.  Change of scenery is good once in a while...

But I was thinking along the same lines as Mr. Mark, as soon as you wrote that you would road trip in a tahoe.

I've looked at those smaller van based sprinter van types thinking they would be a great thing for a couple, not full timing.  Kinda like a hybrid between an RV and an SUV.  Small enough to park most anywhere.  They have all the benefits of an RV while on a road trip.  And they would be ok for spending a night or two en route if it made sense... or if hoteling it enroute makes more sense then it's like an SUV with a fridge and a toilet! the many times DW wanted to shop someplace where I had no interest....but I didn't mind one bit lounging in the RV watching TV or grabbing a snack or nap... If I could do the same thing but in a more normal parking space, I think it would be great!

Anyway, congrats on an easy sale!
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