Some new (at least for me) information on Tacoma RV Tires

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Jul 2, 2005
Guelph, Ontario
As part of an on-going discussion on another forum, I today contacted Cooper Tires who confirmed that they did, at one time, manufacture Tacoma RV tires. They informed me that they no longer do so and suggested that I contact Parrish Tire Company, the company for whom they produced Tacomas. Parrish Tire confirmed that Tacoma RV Tires are no longer manufactured by anyone and are no longer available for sale/purchase. Clearly, there are no new Tacomas on the market so anyone who might try to sell you one is trying to unload an old product that is no longer manufactured. I have had my concerns re the quality of the Tacoma Tires on my 5er and have been searching for a quality product in which I have greater faith. My conversations with Cooper and Parrish did nothing to convince me that my search for an alternative is unwarranted.

There are lots of private brandl tires and the brand names come and go. Nearly all are manufactured by one of the big tire companies and sometimes are essentially identical to another, better known brand. The manufacturers and the "brand company" try to use existing tire molds and body construction to keep costs down - they aren't about to develop a new tire for a low volume production run.  Difficult to know, though, unless you are privy to the contract between the brand company and the manufacturer.  And if warranty is a concern to you, stick with a well known brand that is serviced nationwide.
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